The Occupy Movement – A Video Essay

Posted October 28th, 2011 by Iron Mike

So explain how this is in ANY way like the TEA Party movement?

3 Responses to “The Occupy Movement – A Video Essay”

  1. Tired republican

    Sorry mike, but this is propaganda at it’s worst. Videos like this scream “I have no idea what I’m talking about”.

    The hypocrisy I see is that liberals are the first ones to favor stimulus money, and then cry about it when it doesn’t trickle down to them. The best way to get someone to stop doing something is too ignore it, let protesters protest. poster boards and chanting never changed anything anywhere, who cares. (same view toward tea party protests too, or any for that matter)

    This is going on bc people are still looking, it’s a fad now.

  2. whathehell

    The only thing that OWS and the Tea Party have in common is Obama.

  3. TeaTime

    I went to DC 9/12/09. It was a great experience. Thousands went, made their statement and left. There were no arrests, no violence, and no litter. Then the Tea Party acted – we found good candidates and voted them in to office in 2010. Just wait until 2012!

    OWS does not like the “greedy” banks and corporations – yet they will not share their donated food with homeless. OWS does not like the police yet they realize they have to form their own security groups. They text how much they hate capitalism on their Ipads.

    We have let down this generation by giving them all trophies, and taking away dodgeball. They only know how to act like spoiled, self centered toddlers throwing a tantrum. I agree – it is best to ignore it.

    Every left-wing group is jumping on the movement to serve their own agendas. Use this weekend’s snowstorm as a good practice for what is looming on the horizon.

    Once again a call to action of Patriots has gone out and I will be there 11/11/11!