The Obamas Land In Saudi Arabia

Posted January 27th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Comes to ‘pay respect’ to Royal Family for their loss, – and to cement ties with new King Salman.
Michelle Obama disembarks without head covering.

BUT,… Michelle Obama arrogantly disembarks without a head covering.   W-H-A-T is she thinking? 
Note the other American woman is uncovered too…

And what a gracious and charming impression the scowling Obama woman made…

Michelle meets King Salman

Maybe she thinks she’s ‘making a statement’.

Michelle Obama being obnoxious

4 Responses to “The Obamas Land In Saudi Arabia”

  1. Varvara

    Please note that Michelle is wearing loose fitting clothes and some sort of flowing jacket down to her knees. She did the same ‘fashion’ statement when she went to a mosque in Spain. The other woman is standing next to some American (?) men, perhaps embassy officials and looks just like the men. Can’t tell them apart.



    Are you giving her a pass?

  2. Mc

    Controversy claim–If her face was blurred on Saudi TV but they all agree the bright colors were not appropriate for a State funeral.

    Washington Free Beacon reports that this 4-hour layover incurred the following costs (besides the normal costs of getting there)

    $25,920 for rooms at the Marriott
    $64,320 for room at the Radisson
    $32,000 for rooms at the Ritz Carlton
    $106,667 for rooms at three other hotels
    $20,693 to rent automobiles
    $18,187 for internet services at the Ritz Carlton

  3. Varvara

    No, I am not giving her a pass. This is as close to conforming as she can get. I am surprised she was there. But she is a stubborn witch and probably wanted to go and be seen. Even Queen Elizabeth wore a scarf. As for Michelle’s scowl; that’s her normal look, unless she is teaching pole dancing in the White House veggie garden.

  4. Jim Gettens

    We are supposed to care about Wahhabi Islamofascist sensitivities???


    Well Jim, if we want their help against ISIS, – or we want them to stop flogging their blogger….it might help not to have Mooseshell offend them so openly….