The Obama Selloff

Posted August 9th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Will it become known as ‘The Obama Crash‘?

You know Obama is in deep shi, er, trouble when the Queen MoonBat of the Boston Herald – Margery Eagan, runs a piece entitled ‘We’ve Run Out Of Hope Obama‘ in which she [correctly] points out that yesterday his eyes darted from teleprompter to teleprompter – and refused to look into the camera.

Correctly she points out that this is what liars do.

She calls him “…rudderless and scared”.  Then she really bites him: “Just when we need him most, he’s turned into a gutless, quivering wimp.”

  Of course she regurgitates the Axelrod mantra of ‘Tea party nuts‘ and ‘Tea party know-nothings‘, – after all – she IS the MoonBat Queen. 

But she’s lost her love and her respect for her Messiah.  How many others will before this Obama Crash is over?

Hey Margery, how much is George Soros making on the destruction of your 401K?  You’ve got two teenagers; – how are their 529s doing? 

  /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

6 Responses to “The Obama Selloff”


    It’s true that rats or(moonbats)are the first to leave a sinking ship. Thanks IronMike good job

  2. whathehell

    One thing about Moonbats is that they’re spineless like jellyfish. She will be back sucking up to AA+bama next week if not sooner.

  3. Dennis Davis

    An Easy to understand analogy of the Nations Debt Crises

    Sam was in his car going to visit his three nephews
    they liked to call him Uncle Sam.

    Sam got into a car accident and cut an artery in his
    leg and Sam was bleeding very badly and could die.

    A man standing on Sam’s right side said, “We have to
    apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding or he will die.”

    A man standing on Sam’s left side said, “No, all we
    need to do is give him more blood.”

    Who do you think Uncle Sam should listen to?

    The reason the Democrats are blaming the Tea Party
    for the debt crises is because they pointed out that
    the spending needs to stop. Without the Tea Party
    the Democrats would have been able to sneak their
    spending agenda through with no debate.

  4. Dennis Davis

    What I believe should be done is to investagate Obama prior to becoming President.
    1. How many years was he a drug addict?
    2. Did he sell drugs to pay for his drug use?
    3. How many more Anti-American radicals that he is close friends with like Bill Ayres.
    4. Is his birth certific really real?
    5. How deep does his Muslim roots go? He was born a Muslim that makes him a Muslim.
    6. Can any of his students be found that he may have taught?
    7. Who are his puppet masters besides George Sorous.
    8. What was his GPA when he was in college?
    9. Is he gay or bisexuall?
    10. So many more questions, I am sure that these are only the tip of the iceburg.

    In order for the Rebublicns to win they must realize that they must hit back at the Democrats. Don’t throw the first punch but they must throw at least 6 punches for each punch thrown by them.
    I also believe that the Republican RINOS must be defeated like John McCain and Mitt Romney.

  5. Dennis Davis

    America is NOT a Communist, Liberal, Socialist, or Progressive country. Although Obama’s agenda is to change America to that kind of country.

    Why do Rebublicans who are in office think that they can be friends and pass the Democrats agenda, when the Democrats desire is to distroy Rebublicans?

    The most insidious lie ever told to Americans is when Democrats said they they care about you. The only thing Democrats care about is total control and power.

  6. kevin Murray

    We just passed you outside of Washington and we agree!