The Obama Olympics?

Posted October 2nd, 2009 by Iron Mike

Good Morning Americans! 

While most of you were sleeping this morning the Four Horsemen – Obama, Obama, Jarrett, and Daley – were making a bid to the Olympic Commission to choose Chicago as the site of the 2016 Games. 

“I urge you to choose Chicago. I urge you to choose America,”  he said.  “And if you do, if we walk this path together, then I promise you this: The city of Chicago and the United States of America will make the world proud.”  [Applause]   

Olympics ObamaOn the surface it would seem just the natural enthusiasm of a new president acting as cheerleader for his home town.  While other heads of state have made similar pitches in the past, The MEssiah is the first American President to do so.  Enthusiasm or something else?

I say payback and insuring his investment.  Most of you are well aware that almost all of Obama’s 36-plus Czars have colorful and chequered backgrounds.   First and foremost is Obama sweetheart and family traveling companion – Chicago lawyer Valerie Jarrett.  She has major ties into Chicago slumlords, construction firms, and real estate.  Bluntly put,   if Chicago wins,  Ms. Jarrett will get very rich.  Queen Michelle has similar holdings.   Knowledgeable folks have written that the 2016 Games would mean an up to $22 Billion cash payday for Chicago.  Any wonder that so many in Obama’s extended circles are on the various Chicago Olympic committees? 

Not everybody in Chicago wants the games, and the anti-Games group sent a delegation to Copenhagen to make their point. 

So why is Prez-O so personally interested?   Bringing home the Games would be a feather [maybe his first] in his cap.  Thus far his presidency has been a rough road.  I’m sure his ego and narcissism have him convinced that he can pull it off,   just like he thinks he can bring peace to the Holy Lands.   I suspect that he couldn’t let an international stage go by unoccupied.  We do know that he remarked last year that he would love to ride in the parade during the final months of his second term.  [Did that thought make you cringe?]   I think he wants his name on the stadium!

We’ll know the IOC’s decision before sundown today.   I’m guessing the vision of hosting an international event,  – that torchlit opening night ceremony – has been haunting Obama’s ego for months.  I recall another socialist leader who did that.   Maybe he sees himself carrying the torch for the final lap.   Who says he doesn’t plan ahead?   But if Obama returns empty-handed,  do you think he’ll blame it on “George Bush’s tax breaks for the wealthiest 1%”? 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “The Obama Olympics?”

  1. Rational Nation USA

    And so why would we want to make the world proud Mr President Obamanation. Shouldn’t we be making America Proud?

    Mute point as to Olympics, but very much food for thought in this time of decay in our national government.