The Obama Flag. It’s here. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Posted March 14th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

The New American Flag - according to Obama

…actually, it should be: “be ashamed, be very ashamed.”

The DNC HQ in FL has been proudly flying the new Obama US Flag. They’ve replaced the 50 stars (or is it 57?) with Obama’s face. There is no longer any doubt that this man has brass cojones, and absolutely NO respect for our military or our country, in order to fly this. It wasn’t until veterans groups began to protest outside the DNC HQ that they took it down. Offers from the same veterans groups to supply a POW/MIA flag in its place were turned down. It’s a veritable double-slap in the face to vets. Remember this in November… this is inexcusable. There cannot be a logical explanation for their actions. rr

2 Responses to “The Obama Flag. It’s here. Be afraid, be very afraid.”

  1. Spon

    Thank you. Reposted (with full creds.) on our site and
    added you to favs.

  2. DannaP

    IronMike . . . you have spoken the plain truth for many months. How many of us refuse to listen? Go back to the Hitler Era . . . when he started pasting his image on everything sacred to the Germans, the Austrians, the Dutch, and so many other sovereign nations in Europe. America, we are at the brink of a potentially terrible and terrifying future unless we vote this menace OUT. Thank you RR for not holding back. The truth is difficult to read. Mainstream media has succombed to political correctness; they know nothing of truth, nor do they speak it.

    MarineMom whose son paid the price because he believed that people everywhere deserve a chance at freedom.