The Obama Effect in South Carolina

Posted June 10th, 2010 by Iron Mike
OK, it’s a headline – unknown Black dude – unemployed, HS grad, 13 unremarkable years as an Army clerk – suddenly wins the South Carolina primary election for the US Senate seat occupied by rising conservative Republican star Jim DeMint.  WTF?  How’d that happen? 

South Carolina has some 2.5 million registered voters out of a population of 4 million [2000 census].  30% are black, but far less than 30% of the registered voters are. 

In Nov ’08, McCain won 54% of SC’s 1.9 million votes.  Incumbent Republican conservative Jim DeMint got 83% of the 410,808 Republican votes.  The combined Republican vote yesterday was 39.7% of McCain’s winning total. 

By contrast, Tuesday Greene won 59% of the 169,542 Democratic primary votes.  But that total Democrat vote was just 19.7% of what Obama got a short nineteen months ago.  Where did Democratic voter turnout, aka enthusiasm – go? 

And where is that famous Obama Political Machine?  Greene’s home is described as “the end of a dirt driveway off a dusty highway in rural Clarendon County, just outside the town of Manning, a lawn overgrown with weeds sports no campaign sign”.  Ouch.  The best they could find, or did they not bother looking?

When Greene went to pay his filing fee with a $10,400 personal check he was turned away and told he’d need to use a campaign check.  A few hours later he did that.  Poof – he’s on the ballot.  (Now you know why Massachusetts has a signature gathering requirement!)

And now [drum roll please], the CAPPER:  It seems that Mister Greene was arrested back in November ’09 for showing obscene photos to a University of South Carolina student.  Oops.  They took his check but they didn’t vet him.  Shades of Party Chair Barbie and the Carlisle Crusader!

So Greene – who has no campaign filings, no website, no war chest, no campaign signs, no committee or staff – is the Democrat’s last best hope of winning that senate seat from the very popular Jim DeMint?   When questioned by reporters he seemed a little vague on issues.  He didn’t know what the TARP is – but he does support a united Korea. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,  I respectfully submit to you that the national disenchantment with all things Obama has reached the point where only the liberal elite on the coastal plains, and a few in Denver, can be bothered running for office or supporting Democrats this year.  As the oil continues to spew into the Gulf, while Obama reads from teleprompters, plays golf and parties on – it can only get worse.

Let’s watch and see if the SC Democratic Party will invest any lipstick on this candidate.  I’m betting that our renown national poverty pimps – Reverends Al and Jessie will soon be on the case. Anybody down there remember Strom Thurmond?  Didn’t think so.

Or it ~ could just be ~ that Mister Greene thought that Bill Clinton would show up and offer him a government job – not to run?  Damn, that’s not working either!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still good for Parts!

3 Responses to “The Obama Effect in South Carolina”

  1. Neil

    I always thought that to be on a Democrat ticket you had to be dumb, have a police record of some sort and not know a thing about reality. He fits all the requirements. Smells of ACORN to me.

  2. CPT (R) Steve Campbell

    For those of you who are unitiated that was Iron Mike’s call sign way back in 1971 in Viet Nam with the 101st Pathfinders.

    At any rate to todays comments, it seems the democrats here in SC are upset and extremely angry that Alvin Greene won the election even though he didn’t campaign. First they claimed he won because his was the first name on the ballot. Well, BG (R) Mick Zais, USA won the top spot in the runoff for County Education Director even though he was listed last on the ballot for that position. When this was pointed out to them their response was, Well Mr. Greene must be a republican plant and dirty trick to prevent their selected person for the job. I don’t even know this guys name but he’s whining now that the man elected by the public shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the race and since he received the 2nd largest percentage of the vote should be declared the winner. How’s that for the liberal left, when a Black man wins in SC it must be a mistake.

    Mike, I love it, and will keep you up to date.


    PS: I’ll let you explain “FILO” and I hope to see you at the next reunion.

  3. ironmike

    Tango Yankee Brainiac!

    I was proud and honored to know you then, – proud and honored to have you visit RRB now. I know you’d hoped you’d left the crazies behind on the Left Coast, but this proves they’re everywhere.

    How ’bout that staunch DemocRAT James E. Clyburn – who has spent the past 18 years proving that a Black Congressman can be just as inept and corrupt as any white one? He smells a Republican dirty trick? Maybe he’s got a point, but wouldn’t those tricky SC Republicans have found a stooge just a ~ little ~ more versed in the issues?