The NorK Runt Is Feeling Ignored

Posted April 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Kim Jung-Un urgently wants two (2) things,  – the trade sanctions lifted from his kingdom,  and international recognition as a legitimate ruler,  – the equal of China’s Xi, Russia’s Putin, or Donald Trump.

He was stunned when Trump abruptly cut off talks in Hanoi six weeks ago and flew home.  He’d been expecting an invitation to the US – to be treated as an equal.  Thus yesterday’s obnoxious moves….

He must at some level understand that Trump is deadly serious about no Ballistic Missiles or Nuclear Tests;  – so yesterday’s missile test – of a “new guided weapon” – was carefully of a small tactical weapon,  – so small that US equipment did not catch or record it (we’re told).

Second,  Kim issued a DEMAND that US SecState Mike Pompeo NOT be part of any further negotiations….

This is Kim testing Trump to see how badly Trump wants a deal – at any price.

It seems that over four decades Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have trained the NorKs to expect American Presidents to cave on issues for the sake of a photo-op….

People forget that in 1977 the Peanut Farmer promised to withdraw ALL US TROOPS from Korea within 5 years…..


.they’d have a keen understanding of what can happen when an egotistical attention-craving runt goes too long without public acclamation…

Who can name some significant maniacal runts from the bloody pages of History?

2 Responses to “The NorK Runt Is Feeling Ignored”

  1. panther 6

    It is a good effort on the part of the USA but may have hit a solid wall. If Trump holds the line on sanctions and the role of Mike P we will be no worse off than before the effort was launched, IMHO

    Next move up to Kim,,,,CHECK

  2. Kojack

    It was a noble effort, but it is now abundantly clear that ROCKET MAN isn’t serious about de-nuclearization. In fact this last launch could be seen more as a threat rather than a temper-tantrum. Instead of wasting more time and money, Trump should nuke-up South Korea and Japan and bring our troops home and deploy them on our southern border.