The Nobel Peace Prize?!? For What?

Posted October 9th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans,

nobel-medal_thumbnail_0Just when you think that things couldn’t possibly get any weirder, – they do.   Turned on the news this morning and our pResident Zero has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!   I’m stunned!   The man with no paper trail,  no documentation, and certainly no résumé is now a Nobel Laureate?  For what – his World Apology Tour? 

You just gotta know that Bill Clinton is one pissed-off dude this morning! Now Teddy Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Zero all have one, – and he doesn’t.

obama_smugBrace yourselves;  Zero will have to travel to Oslo in December to accept his prize.  You can all start office pools on how many times our Narcissist-in-Chief will say “I” during that speech.  I’m betting at least 30 times.  What’s next, – an Oscar and an Emmy – for voting “Present”?   Just what Zero was needing right now after that Olympic slam – a little ego boost. 

How ironic that he is getting this at the same time he cut funding for the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, – the little group who track the outrages of the Mullahs in Iran.  [For instance – it is against Muslim teachings to execute a virgin.  So prison guards rape them the night before they are to be hung.]  The Center is a whopping $3 million line item.  But somehow THE MEssiah – who is spending Trillions,  – took note of them and cut their funds “so as not to appear confrontational” with Ahmadinejad.  And he won a prize!   Whee!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “The Nobel Peace Prize?!? For What?”

  1. MC

    Nominations had to be submitted to committee by February 1st. The pResident who took office on Jan 20th would have spent 264 hours in office prior to that submission. Definitely enough hours for one with such an EGO to expect and accept such a prize. Ayers may be scripting a new edition as I type entitled, “Hours to my prize.”

    What a “slap in the face” to those in the other categories !!

  2. Dannap

    How utterly ironic that Norway is the place that awards the Nobel Prize. I have a very good friend in Norway whom I visited in 1999. While I was there, a law was passed to “preserve the integrity of the pure heritage of the Norwegian.” Just what did this law do? It stated that as of that time forward, Norwegian property owners no longer had to rent to African Americans or persons of Asian descent.

    The Japanese have ravaged the fjords fishing for herring and other fish that practically jump into the nets. While in Norway for 17 days, I saw ONE person of African-American descent.

    I love the Norwegian people. They have a wonderful work ethic as a people. But they also have a serious cultural discrimination that they allow for themselves and other Scandinavian countries, but condemn in ours.

    Just like the Democratic Party of these United States, the Socialist Democratic governments of Europe practice hypocrisy.

    I would be puzzled, except that nothing makes sense anymore. The brand of “peace” prescribed by Obama excludes those of Jewish descent and heritage. Yet even this demographic group helped to vote him into office.

    Disgusted, dismayed, but not surprised anymore.