The Next Federal Power Grab Begins – (Quietly)

Posted October 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

An office you don’t know about issues a lengthy, boring report about ‘potential risk‘ – in the private equity market. You didn’t read it. You weren’t supposed to.
Dept of the Treasury
Our US Treasury Department has a new office – thanks to Dodd-Frank. It’s the Office of Financial Research. They’re stealthy money grabbers, – thieves in suits, – and they have a big target!

Their report released Monday ‘suggests’ that America’s money market funds ‘could be at risk’ – if fund managers and stock traders do risky things… Well,…duh!

 OFR Website

The problem with their 34-page report is that it’s NOT written out of any concern for your financial security or the national economy.

It was written to sound a ‘warning bell’ on a non-problem that every stock investor or 401K investor already has been warned about. There is RISK in the marketplace.

Your government doesn’t care about the RISK. They want the MONEY!!

The $13 Trillion you have invested in 401Ks is exactly 76% of our $17 Trillion National Debt. $13 Trillion

So slowly, – steadily, – constantly they will begin a campaign of anxiety and fear.  Are your savings and investments safe?  Better get some more laws passed!  Better get some government oversight!

Then when the inevitable screw-up occurs in some equity company – they’ll be clamoring  See, we told you so! We need more government control!”


You can see it clearly now – Obama said as much in 2008 – about spreading the wealth around. The very fact that some Americans managed to save $13 Trillion – eats at his Muslim-Socialist soul.

He wants to see the government take over the investment houses, – and all that money.

He knows it won’t happen while he’s in office, – but he wants to start propaganda campaign of fear, and distrust ‘of those greedy wall street bankers and fund managers’.

They can use that money to cover the gap in what they’ll owe baby boomers.

And if you die, – just like Social Security – your survivor will get $250 toward your burial. They’ll gladly keep the rest!Personal Savings

3 Responses to “The Next Federal Power Grab Begins – (Quietly)”

  1. Tom

    Let’s not forget this was crafted by that great ” Native American” capitalist, Lizzy Warren, the guardian of the middle class. In the market, no risk, gain. The risk police will determine the acceptability of risk.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Obama started his war on wall street as soon as he got into office in 2008. Joe the plumber had him pegged right away.

  3. Hawk1776

    Obama, during an unscripted campaign moment, said he wanted to “redistribute the wealth”. Towards that goal I submit that he has failed miserably. What he’s doing, quite well, is to redistribute the poverty. Through his policies there is less money for everyone. More people are out of work than during anytime since the great depression. The dismal unemployment numbers don’t account for those who have given up and dropped out of the work force. Obamacare has forced employers to reduce workers hours thirty hours a week. A person currently who does not have health insurance will have to pay a $95 penalty to remain uninsured under Obamacare. (Nothing for something?). I suppose that most of us are are lucky not to be coal miners in West Virginia since Obama has effectively killed the coal industry.