The News They Withhold – Will KILL You

Posted March 4th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Across all of Europe, Sweden and France have welcomed the most ungrateful and hostile Muslim “refugees” (invaders),  – and tiny Sweden has been paying a terrible price for their generosity.

With a population of ~ slightly ~ over 10 million,  – they’ve taken in over 500,000 Muslims….who have no intention of assimilating.  They’re too busy raping and killing young Swedes.

The concept of CITIZENSHIP is essentially unknown in Europe.

From the beginnings of recorded history – there was always the Kings,  their relatives the Nobility – – and the Subjects,…and always slaves….

For thousands of years the Kings made the Laws…

Then the Nobility wanted a say in things (Magna Carta – 1215 – Runnymede) and they created parliaments.

But still,  whether the King,  the Parliaments,  or in some cases the Church was running the affairs of men, – the common man had no say whatsoever. 

Yet they were still called up to fight – and die – when the Kings squabbled.   You performed required military ‘Duty’ in exchange for the King granting you permission to farm a piece of HIS Kingdom.

And thus the Nation that was born here,  – on our shores between 1775 and 1791, – remains totally unique in the History of Mankind.

But it is fragile.   What foreign armies and navies could not defeat,  – may be defeated by our own home-grown domestic enemies, – our democrats, – socialists, – globalists, and communists;  – all hiding their true agenda behind “Climate Change” and “Anti-Racism”.

A would-be ax murder – a Muslim on Jihad – goes unnamed in Sweden, – just as if he’d committed his crimes in Washington DC.

And the Swedes remain woefully unaware of the evil 7th Century danger their government has imported – and given EBT Cards to…

…and their Media will remain as mute as their Police….

So it will happen again…

And Swedes are relatively defenseless.  Only about 300,000 (of 10 million) own guns – and there by law they must be stored in a VAULT,  – unavailable when the next Muslim ax killer is out stalking the streets…

Do you ever feel like some American politicians act like the Nobility and Cardinals of Europe,  – answering ONLY to each other – and not to you?

5 Responses to “The News They Withhold – Will KILL You”

  1. Rob Corelli

    Should be like the tale of the fox and the scorpion – you knew what I was when you picked me up.

  2. an ol exjarhead

    How is it unique?

  3. Kojack

    OL EXJARHEAD – just in case you weren’t joking, the U.S. was unique when it was founded because we didn’t have royalty or a caste system like in India but our “elected” reps are trying to to change that.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    Illegal immigration adversely affects our economy, jobs, national security, crime levels, education and health care–everything. The 9/11 jihad attacks should have taught us that it only takes a small minority of foreign terrorists to wreck massive havoc on our country and on our lives.

    Some of these people are not all yearning for a better future. They are here to destroy our country and our way of life. Wake up, people before we lose it all!

  5. Ben

    All of the above are absolutely right . Why are we getting so sedate? Sooner or later we are going to be crushed. Wake up folks ,there is a takeover happening right before our eyes. We were going in the right direction and we must get back on course or this country will suffer.