The Muslim-German Civil War

Posted March 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Germany is under attack.   Muslim immigrants are attacking trains,  buses,  shopping malls,  and raping women on a wholesale basis.

Oddly,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel appears to be leading them,…and telling Germans that resistance is futile.  How much longer will Germans stand for it before an uprising and civil war begins?

The battle is being fought on unequal terms. The German Government under Merkel refuses to admit there is a problem…..

.even though Merkel – a globalist in the mode of Obama – just told the Germans that Germany is becoming a Muslim country….and insists that Germany take in even more refugees.

The core of the problem goes back to 50 years of the Cold War,  – where for mere pennies Germany enjoyed the protection of the United States Army to keep Soviet Soldiers from crossing the IGB and raping them en mass – as happened in 1945.

They got comfortable, lazy,…and über-liberal.  Today some German girls are quietly wearing scarves to avoid being raped.

READ THAT AGAIN!   Wearing scarves instead of carrying Mace or pistols….

The events in Germany aren’t happening in a vacuum.  

From Greece and Italy in the south across the breadth of Europe into Belgium and England – and north to Sweden,  – Muslim “refugees” are using European Liberalism to intimidate and conquer these ancient countries.

And in each country liberals are helping them – while making excuses for the rapes, the murders, and the terrorism.

Here in the USA,…even as Trump keeps his campaign promises (unseen in my lifetime) – liberal judges are trying to thwart him at every turn,  – determined to admit hordes of unvetted Muslims,….knowing…that a percentage of these so-called “refugees” are hardened battlefield butchers…..who WILL KILL AMERICANS.

What would you call it…

…other than suicidal insanity…?

Without the American People and the Left-Wing Media waking up,…

….just how long do you think Trump can single-handedly keep us safe?

2 Responses to “The Muslim-German Civil War”

  1. Sherox

    That is why it is very important for each American to be armed and knows how to use the weapon.

  2. Catherine

    Don’t forget the *other* arms – the ones attached to your body. And the most important weapon of all – the one between your ears! Learn to use them, as well – the attack may not come in a place where you are armed with firepower. Start looking around, too – almost anything can be used as a weapon or as a defense or as a distraction if you use your head. “War game” it in your head – so if (heaven forbid) you ever need to act, you will act and not panic.


    Well said Ma’am, well said!