The Mouth That Roared….

Posted October 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

…well, actually,…we believe it wasn’t his ‘mouth‘…
Biden at Harvard
As Obama is trying to enlist reluctant VERY reluctant Muslim and Arab allies into his “Air Only – No Boots ISIS Bombing Campaign”, – the last thing he needed was America’s Official Loose Cannon – VP Joe Biden, blaming Turkey for the ISIS problem… Remember:

Good Ole Joe” is just a heartbeat away,…

…although some days recently I’ve begun to wonder how much worse he would really be… Just sayin’…

So Our National Village Idiot goes to give a speech at Harvard, – one of the last places that will have him… Hey, maybe they thought he’d be good for a few laughs…Obama and Erdo?an

And he says the Turkey’s President Erdo?an has admitted in private to Obama that Turkey had let too many foreign fighters through it’s country into Syria – where they joined ISIS.

NO WAY in HELL to prove or disprove that those words were ever spoken, – given Obama’s reputation for lying…

BUT EVEN IF IT IS TRUE, – it is NOT the kind of conversation that national leaders ever repeat – EVER!

But then, – is Joe Biden really a ‘national leader’?

So of course Biden had to apologize to Erdo?an… But the damage is done.

Think about the record of these past 6 years…. What Muslim nation would have any reason to trust either Obama or Biden as a reliable partner in ANY venture? Just think of how many Muslim leaders they’ve flung under the bus….

Whatever fears Erdo?an may have of ISIS, – they pale in comparison to his hatred of Israel. He is more inclined to let events play out – and hope ISIS goes after the Jews next.

And after watching the collapse of the American-trained Iraqi army, – he may have some uncertainty about the ability and the loyalty of his own forces….

Biden has just given Erdo?an the perfect excuse to stay out of the fight.


Interesting though – if that conversation DID take place – that Obama was concerned about BAD GUYS going SOUTH across the Turkey-Syria border….

…BUT seems oblivious to BAD GUYS coming NORTH across our unguarded border with Mexico…?

5 Responses to “The Mouth That Roared….”

  1. Jim Gettens

    How was Biden-the-Cretin permitted to engage with Erdogan the Muslim Brotherhood snake in a ‘private’ conversation? When events such as this are permitted to happen you KNOW that the U.S., its citizens, and its few true allies are in DEEP SH#T.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    I rember so clearly in the Summer of ’08 when Biden was tapped, no pun intended, for the Democrat Vice Presidential running mate how he was lauded for his foreign policy experience by the even then complicit media.

    Those of us that knew his record as a Senator from Delaware were well aware that he had never made the right vote and in spite of his boisterous blathering, and he was definitely not the brightest candle in the candelabra. This has all been born out to the detriment of our Country.

  3. Hawk1776

    I really don’t know whether Biden is simply stupid, suffering from early Alzheimer’s, or just a master of malapropisms. Dan Quayle, who was ridiculed by the liberal media while Vice President, sounds like Einstein when compared to Biden. How Biden could be elected a Senator six times and then serve as Vice President is not just a mystery, it’s scary.

  4. Walter Knight

    We know which turkey is to blame.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Biden was taken to the woodshed for telling what he thought was the truth.