The Mouseketeer Pontificates…

Posted August 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

WARNING!! This is a puke-worthy performance by Kirsten Hughes – Chair of the MassGOP.   I hope the 41 treasonous Committee Critters [RiNOs] who voted for this pathetic under-achiever are proud of what they’ve done.

John Walsh must be laughing his a$$ off!

8 Responses to “The Mouseketeer Pontificates…”

  1. Casey Chapman

    She sorta makes a good point about the gas tax——–but that’s the whole problem. IF she were to actually PREPARE for the interview, she would be able to rattle off several real taxes and other unfair laws in this state that effect all citizens of this state. she could use some speech lessons too, so she might actually sound professional and adult. Right now, she sounds like a college freshman, and looks like it as well. Who dresses her, and are they sober? Is She really the best candidate our state wide party could come up with?

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    I see what you mean, it’s ah, like, ah, you know, like she’s ah just like auditioning for the next “Clueless” movie.

    SHE BLEW a great opportunity to DRIVE HOME that this tax is brought to you by a bunch of LIARS, such as NEW REP. JONATHAN ZLOTNICK, who RAN ON A PROMISE TO NOT INCREASE TAXES, but VOTED EXACTLY AS HE WAS TOLD TO VOTE for a $500 million tax increase.


    She could have singed out 10 ZLOTNICK’s during her interview: bring it home to those who voted. Instead it’s just: “Beacon Hill is bad, those Democrats are nasty.”

    Go die your hair.

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    O.K., dye your hair.

  4. haddanuff

    Probably the most unimpressive thing I’ve ever seen. How did we get here, and please remind me, and everyone else, those that endorsed her. Brown, . . .

  5. Walter Knight

    Everything she said was true. You think you can do a better job?

  6. haddanuff

    Yes, everything she said was true, as known to any uninformed 9th grader, but I would expect far more from the GOP Chairman, including some talking points beyond what was spoon fed to her by the reporter, and something to really drive the point home of how bad this was for every last person. We got a valley girl, or, as aptly put by Rabid, a try out for Clueless. For those who thought Jennifer was so, so bad, (and I am not among them), THIS is 100 times worse, and I’m not sure it could be any worse. Truly a travesty for a party in need of so much invigorating and true leadership.

  7. Kojack

    The new gas tax will hit the working people here in Massholachusetts both directly at the gas pump and indirectly at the retail level where the cost will be passed down. Both the gas and cigarette tax increases will drive even more business up to NH hurting retailers in border towns like Dracut and Methuen.

    A competent chair would have made these additional points rather than reiterating the same one. A makeover wouldn’t hurt either.

    Bottom line is that the electorate here is stacked with the gimme crowd consisting of Obysmal phone/EBT recipients, public employee union and political hacks and the brainwashed libTURD elites we see pontificating about what’s good for us on the local news stations, all demanding state rooms on the Titanic at steerage rates.

    They will soon learn like Detroit did that everything has to be paid for and that when the ship of state sinks, state room or steerage, everybody drowns.

  8. Sam Adams

    Yes, Walter, I could do a better job. Presentation is everything. As the Chairman of the Republican Party (God help us), she presented herself as a kewpie doll. It was embarassing. She was never ready for prime time, and apparently neither are the people “running” the Party.

    Instead of rambling over the gas tax being tied to inflation, she could have just saved time to speak of other taxes (there’s more than enough of them) by telling the folks that the new gas tax passed by Democrats and signed by a Governor who ran his campaign on lowering taxes in MA, is now on auto-pilot.

    Even low-to-no information voters would have gotten that one.