The Modern Slave Catchers Are BLACK!

Posted December 29th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Archer Alexander made 21st Century Black Democrats “feel bad”,  – so they lobbied to have Boston remove him.

There were several Fugitive Slave Acts in our American History – the last one in 1850,  – signed into law by President Millard Fillmore as one of his first official acts.  They weren’t repealed until 1864 – three years into our Civil War.

Modern Democrats are rightfully ashamed of their Party’s history; – slavery,  Indian Removal,  Jim Crow Laws,  the KKK,  Japanese Internment,  poll taxes,  the Tuskegee Experiments,….school segregation….the list goes on….

After LBJ,  Democrats thought they could keep Blacks essentially confined to big city ghettos,  – as a ready supply of cheap domestic help,  – and guaranteed votes every two years.  Voter Plantations!

The Trump presidency shook up their plantation.  Many American Blacks had an awakening.  So Democrats began BLM to counter the Trump influence.  Suddenly Washington and Lincoln were seen as villains – their statues to be pulled down.

Never mind that this particular statue had been COMMISSIONED by and PAID FOR by freed slaves,  grateful to Lincoln.  Never mind that the young Black man was a depiction of Archer Alexander,  – the last Black captured under the Fugitive Slave Act….

What is happening is the Democrat Party insiders are THROWING DOLLAR BILLS at the Black Mob gathered at city hall,  – hoping to distract them from what is going on in a stolen election and the return to the Plantation Mentality of welfare dependency and using Planned Parenthood to control the growth of the Black Population.

Even lifelong Democrats don’t fully understand that their new Chinese masters have no use whatsoever for Black Americans in their long-term plan to colonize North America as a agricultural colony – to feed China.

If you are so ignorant,  – so poorly educated (union-run schools staffed with semi-literate AA/EEO teachers),  or so full of racial hatred that seeing the statue of Archer Alexander hauled down makes you FEEL BETTER,  – then you are no better a person that the Black tribesmen in Africa who helped the Arabs catch and sell slaves.

You’ve just sold your own children back into a new form of slavery!

5 Responses to “The Modern Slave Catchers Are BLACK!”

  1. Jim Buba

    I wonder if China is paying $1.89/lb for scrap bronze

  2. FLICK

    What IRONY. As I read this, a black talking head on WFMZ (our local Lehigh Valley, PA news station) was ‘reporting’ the removal of the Lincoln statue. His subjective commentary inferred ‘it’s about time’ by pointing out the slave with no reference to Lincoln’s abolishment of slavery. Yet another consolation for not having grandchildren to worry about.

    █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
    Was it Cordoba or Lewis? Both are modern products of a mediocre educational system – where FEELINGS are far more important than FACTS.

    So the story and the visual made your local anchor FEEL good…?

    Gotta wonder which plantation his ancestors worked on…? But then that’s the point for many modern American Blacks; – – they DON’T WANT to be REMINDED of their ROOTS!

  3. Kojack

    “….then you are no better a person that the Black tribesmen in Africa who helped the Arabs catch and sell slaves.” or than the any of the 60M+ Chinese peasants who went along with and then were killed by Mao in the cultural revolution AND YOU DESERVE THE SAME FATE!!!
    Unfortunately, many who don’t deserve it will be killed as well.

  4. FLICK

    Wow Mike, you know the token lineup here. It was Cordoba. I dread weekends suffering through Lewis mis-reading the prompter. This is how 120,000 locals get their ‘news’ here. Have a HAPPIER NEW YEAR farther north than last year!

  5. Walter Knight

    I’ve met black people who live conservative, but vote liberal. They have no want of free stuff, they think Democrats care. Learn the hard way, Democrats don’t care. It’s about control.