The Media FINALLY Found A Russian!

Posted July 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

For 10 long months they’ve been looking under Trump’s bed for Vladamir Putin and his trained KGB agents.  They kept looking because how else could THEY explain Hillary’s humiliation…?  It HAD to be Russians!!

So they finally found one (1) Russian who held one (1) brief 20-minute meeting with Don Jr. – on the false pretense of dishing up Hillary dirt.   But she lied – she wanted to discuss Russian adoptions and overturning the Magnitisky Act of 2012.

It’s as if the Left and their Propaganda Ministry (the Media) has found a single rusty needle in a haystack – (after 10 months of searching) and they’re saying:

“Aha!  There’s a whole clothing factory still hiding in there….somewhere!”


Your sickly Criminal Bitch LOST – because enough Americans saw enough of her since 1992 to know for sure she is a skank,  a dishonest person,  – likely a murderer,  – and she ripped off the White House of furniture and china when she and Bill cleared out in January 2001.

As as US Senator she did exactly NOTHING!

Then as SecState for the Traitor Obama she helped him stab our allies in the back while she gave aide and comfort to Muslim extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood,  – as they overturned governments in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya and began civil war in Syria and Iraq. 

YES you left-wing fools,  ISIS is the legacy of Obama (called them the “JV”) and Hillary.

And most thinking Americans know it is TOTALLY ILLEGAL to run State Department business on a private email server located in your bathroom.

As for Donald Trump Jr., – he is a private citizen who had EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to meet with any foreign person – particularly if someone claimed to have sensitive dirt on Hillary.

One might even say that as a US Citizen, he had a DUTY to take such a meeting.

Sadly, the Propaganda Ministry will churn this story for weeks,  – if not for months.

They almost have to,  because they’ve forgotten how to do real reporting.

And they have a MoonBat audience craving their daily dose of Trump-Hate,  – and since those are the only people watching,  – that small audience justifies their advertising revenue.

Those people who work for those media outlets and papers – – they’ve sold every shred of their honor for a media paycheck….

.and they’ve sold out America with their honor!

WHERE was the Media Frenzy in 2014 – when this “evil Russian Agent” sat behind Obama’s Ambassador as he testified before Congress?

3 Responses to “The Media FINALLY Found A Russian!”

  1. Varvara

    ….one brief moment with a fat-a**ed Russian lawyer…. Yes, she is a bit chubby, almost as much as HRC.

    Propaganda Ministry…. sounds like the DNC picked up a few points from the old USSR. Where is the DNC hiding the gulags?

  2. Hawk1776

    The press and the Democrats have become a one trick pony. Russia. Russia. Russia. Yawn. This is really dumb, really a waste of time, and really much ado about nothing. It’s like a record stuck in the same groove.

  3. Kojack

    You could not make up a story with greater IRONY and HYPOCRISY!

    The REAL political Russian collusion started with THE SWIMMER, aka Ted Kennedy, fraternizing with the USSR thru a bagman in an effort to undermine President Reagan’s negotiating position during the SALT II talks.

    More recently of course we have videotape of Obysmal himself telling Medvedev he’ll “have more flexibility after the (2012) election and finally of course Hillary Rotten’s Uranium One deal which sold 20% of U.S. uranium mining interests to the Russians thru that political slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation to which donations have dried up since HRC lost. BUT THE DEMOCRAPS AND THE RiNO’s HAVE ZERO INTEREST IN ANY OF THAT COLLUSION.