The March of the RiNOs

Posted January 7th, 2011 by Iron Mike

It wasn’t even close – 50 / 16 / 2 / 1.  Party Chair Barbie wins the right to lead us into another debacle. But Barbie and her little herd of RiNOs must have been very worried. They had the place blocked off and a plain-clothed security goon posted to keep us out.  And he was a goon, – he warned me that he was a war hero of the 1st Airborne in Vietnam. Uh-huh! OK Buddy! [There was no such unit – he’s one of those wannabe pretenders. Kinda sad to be still telling stuff like that at his age, but I’m guessing his has been a lifetime of self-deception.]

But about the vote…

Presented with the clear choice between a proven looser RiNO with no plan vs a Conservative with a realistic plan 72% of your Republican State Committee voted by secret ballot to keep going with Ms. Nassour.

If this was a high school beauty pageant, – I’d shrug and say congratulations.  But this election was held in a manner befitting a third-world tyrant – sans Jimmy Carter to watch.

The future of our Commonwealth, and more importantly the future of our Young Republic is at stake. So my angst goes way beyond whatever personal misgivings I have about our winner.  The roped-off back corner of the room was filled like a sardine can with McCarthy supporters, overflowing into the hallway.  Ms. Nassour’s 50 BFFs were happy to vote by secret ballot – they didn’t want us recording their folly.

We face the unmistakable and now unshakable reality that there probably is no near-term hope at all for Massachusetts. Our Commonwealth will drown in red ink and debt the same way California and the EU countries are. And liberals in both parties will continue to be smug and self-assured in their folly every step of the way.

Standing In The Door

Some may chalk this off as me saying ‘sour grapes’, – but the reality is that at least 50 elected Republican leaders were comfortable enough – or resigned enough – to rehire the team which just LOST all ten congressional races, and all the elected state offices.

One small consolation is that it cannot happen again.

Come 2012 we’ll be competing for just nine (9) seats in Congress. If Nassour couldn’t draft a consolidated campaign plan for TEN seats, now she only has to try for NINE.  And since the districts will have been redrawn, the Dems will be just ~ slightly ~ unfamiliar with parts of their new districts.

For true Republicans and true Conservatives the handwriting is on the wall, and writ large. Finish your business here, and make plans to retire elsewhere. And come 2012, a lot of you younger folks need to pull papers and challenge these spineless RiNOs, who despite being given the perfect opportunity – failed to deliver you from the clutches of Kaufman and Nassour.

I am becoming more and more convinced by the day that the RiNO core of our MassGOP is really very tiny, albeit well-entrenched.  They can be beaten, if good young conservatives will run against them come 2012.  Think about running yourself, and about whom to encourage.  We’ll need a man and a woman from each new Senatorial District.

Some of our ‘leaders’ tonight tried to hide behind the excuse that Bill McCarthy is a college professor at a state college and it ‘would be illegal for him to be involved in fundraising‘. It was just an excuse, just like when they closed the doors to the meeting hall saying it was ‘full’ and that ‘the hotel management required them to close the doors‘. We got the management, and threatened to call the police, and suddenly the doors were open, and the ‘war hero’ evaporated.

By the way, I had a nice little ‘chat’ with Runty tonight. He vehemently denies that he works for Hugo Chaves. He says everything I’ve written about him is a lie.  He said a few other things too, but you can use your imagination. I think I wound him up pretty good because when he finally got to speak he went on and on and on.  Hey Ron, it’s good to know you read RRB now and again. Hope you enjoyed yourself tonight.
Runty was passing out gift White House Christmas Tree ornaments – as proof that he still has WH access.

My advice to young couples starting families here: You have two choices, – work really hard to build up the Republican Party and dump these RiNOs, – or look for career opportunities in Republican-leaning states.  This is not going to be a good place for kids to learn American values and traditions. These RiNOs are quite content to see us drift into a European-style version of Socialism, so long as they can keep their gay marriage, their abortions,  their marijuana, and their taxpayer funded jobs.

An alternative is to invest your energies in a good TEA Party or a truly Conservative Republican organization, and get active. But please don’t send any money to Merrimac Street.  Donate ONLY to worthy candidates that you have vetted.  Nassour and Mother Kangas were bragging about all the money they raised last year. Even they admitted they’d ‘focused it’ on the governor’s race.

I’d phrase it a little more bluntly; I’d say they pissed it down the Baker-Tisei rat hole, and have nothing to show for it – not even a ‘Thank You’ appearance tonight by either Baker or Tisei.  

Duh-val was re-inaugurated today. Tonight he’s having a $700,000 party at the Boston Public Library.  Tonight in a deliberately overcrowded room, our leaders re-elected our losing team.


   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “The March of the RiNOs”

  1. britsarmymom

    Very well said, Mike. The Dems must delight in Mass GOP staging a repeat of Nov 2 2010. Idiots. These antics leave only the Taxed Enough Already Party, as you point out. Virginia, by the way, is the destination. I hope my kids heed your wisdom. Thanks.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Mike, you recaptured the event or should I say “the circus”. Let’s see if an apology is forthcoming from Ms. Kangas or will we be ignored as “angry men”. Do you think she received a debriefing from the “First Airborne hero” or is he back in his mother’s basement?

  3. Dannap

    Isn’t there a law against feigning military service? What an insult to those who served then and who serve now.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    According to the “Massachusetts Republican Party” (Wikipedia), “The Republican Party in Massachusetts was the dominant party in the state for nearly seventy years from (1858 through the 1920s). Republican candidates routinely won the state governorship as well as most other state and Federal offices. The Republican dominance of Massachusetts slowly died in 1920s and 1930s as predominantly Democratic immigrant groups changed the traditionally Republican WASP Massachusetts into the … Democratic majority state that it remains today.”

    So we seem to be in a period where RINO elitists have replaced “old guard” Republicans, while Progressives and leftover New Leftists have replaced the old Democrat party. Neither situation is acceptable.

    Ironically, being forced to endure the excesses of the Obama administration may be the key to convincing more and more citizens that being nice to the welfare statists just doesn’t work.

    Stay tuned to Mass. Tea Party developments… There are more of “us” out here than RINO Nation realizes!