The Make-Believe World Of Niki Tsongas

Posted October 18th, 2012 by Iron Mike

I went to another 3rd Congressional District Debate tonight at Fitchburg State.  Somebody has it on video – if you like scary movies, track it down.

Niki Tsongas quickly proved that she is (a). totally detached from the real world, (b). a total handmaiden / toady of Nancy Pelosi, and (c). the Third Stupidest Woman in the US Congress.

Question:  Give Barack Obama a grade on his handling of events in Benghazi.

Tsongas hemmed, hawed, made excuses, claimed she ‘really admired’ the way Obama was taking his time to sort out events.  The crowd demanded she issue a ‘grade’.  She gave Obama a ‘B’.

Golnik was blunt:  ‘I give him an ‘F’He’d just won the night.

But Tsongas wasn’t done – she became excited ~ nearly hysterical ~ claiming that Biden was right and that Syria is an entirely different matter ‘One size doesn’t fit all.‘  She was nearly ranting about ‘…we don’t want to make a mistake and end up arming al Qaeda‘.  She seems unaware of other fundamentalist players involved in the Syrian fighting.  In praising Obama for his handling of Libya – she failed to mention the 20,000+ ManPADs that ‘went missing’.  I’d guess she doesn’t know what a ManPAD is.

By stark contrast, Golnik has studied the issues – and was on his game.


Later, when asked about Iran, Golnik wants to draw a line.  Niki doesn’t. Adamantly!  ‘What does a red line mean?  We don’t want to rush to war.’  [Niki clearly doesn’t understand that the Twelvers are already rushing to war…]

Golnik throughout the night was far too polite with Niki.  I ~ think ~ he was afraid to be seen as ‘picking on a grandmother’, – but this doddering joke of a US Representative needs to be pilloried.  She fails to honor her oath, to represent us, – or even make sense of the issues.

When she was first elected back in 2007 I kind of shrugged, since her RiNO challenger Ogonowski wasn’t much better.  But Niki has proven herself a willing Kool-Aid drinker and regurgitator of party buzz-words.  And frankly, she’s become arrogant, snotty, and defensive about it.  Jon should have slammed her several times.


She attempted to brand him as ‘extremist‘ and ‘irresponsible‘ – saying that he’d taken the Grover Norquist pledge of not raising taxes. Trying to show that she ‘knows how things work’ she claimed he has ‘surrendered his leverage‘ and will be useless in Congress.

Jon came back at her – explaining he didn’t take the pledge to Norquist – but to the voters! 

She looked dumbfounded.  But she tried several more times to paint him ‘Norquist’.  It’s pretty clear that Democrats fear ‘nameless, faceless’ Norquist more than Romney this year.

As the evening wore on, Niki was struggling to make the case that she is both effective and relevant.  She spouted every Democratic talking point, buzz-word, and cliché she’d been schooled on by the DNC. 


And she continued her now too-familiar stump speech – my daddy ‘survived’ Pearl Harbor – grew up on Air Force bases – met my husband – raised a family – he died of cancer – body armor – servicewomen raped… . She’s become a broken record.


She believes in global warming, in ‘public-private partnerships’, in super-taxing the upper 2%, in the ‘wisdom of Barack Obama’, and in continuing to ‘blame Bush’!  She supports the ‘DREAM Act’.  She applauded Obama’s ‘wise moves’ to keep America from falling off a cliff in 2009, and for his green energy initiatives.

She seemed totally oblivious to the number of green companies that have gone bankrupt A123 of Waltham just Tuesday.  She is still against the Keystone Pipeline – having bought into the green lobbying myths about the ‘dangers to the Ogallala Aquifer’. 

Finally in the direct questioning Jon gave her a chance to come clean.  He asked her again about her statement from last week – does she still feel ‘we are better off than four years ago?’

She double-downed – ‘ABSOLUTELY!’ And began a standard DNC rant about ‘not going back to the failed policies that got us into this mess‘.  She is either a true believer – or a parrot!

Jon – with his closing statement – virtually buried her; – although watching the faces on her gathered MoonBat colony – her own supporters were deaf to his words. 

The debate SHOULD have moved the undecided.  They SHOULD understand that she is inept and ineffective – essentially a caricature – and a reliable Nancy Pelosi vote.

But this is Taxachusetts – land of the Liberal MoonBats, and her dead husband’s name may still get her re-elected.

One Response to “The Make-Believe World Of Niki Tsongas”

  1. Karen G

    Two observations…1. Jon Golnik, unlike the Democrats I know, has actually learned alot since the last election. Nice work Jon. Thanks for posting this clip from the debate.
    2. I will bet large money that Niki got a facelift recently. Maybe Nancy’s plastic surgeon offered them a 2 for 1?