The Lying Sniveling Boston Globe

Posted August 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Trump telling the TRUTH on live TV from public platforms across this land has really gotten under the smug skins of the professional liars of the Propaganda Ministry.

Today the Boston Globe has marshaled some 150 local and regional papers to publish anti-Trump editorial pieces decrying Trump’s branding them as “FAKE NEWS”.  It’s a nation-wide media snivelfest!

Over the 32 years I’ve been in the Greater Boston area,  – I’ve watched the Globe go from a massive Sunday edition to a skinny rag,  – and year-by-year the already slanted ‘news’ became more cherry-picked.

The growth of the internet helped the Globe and other papers into the nursing home of journalism.  When I started as a headhunter 32 years ago,  I used the 2 or 3 sections of Globe Sunday Classifieds to get a sense of what companies were hiring what kinds of software engineers.  Today the Globe no longer enjoys that revenue.

When I got here Dukakis was Governor,  and the Globe featured him almost daily,  lauding his progressive moves,  and ignoring the scandal which would become known as “Kitty-Litter”.

Of course they backed local wonder-boy Dukakis over Bush in 1988, as other journalists uncovered the Willie Horton scandal.  Bush had flown off Navy carriers against the Japs in WWII,  – been shot down twice.  Dukakis rode in a tank,  – but the Globe stuck with their photo-op fool.

In 1993, the left-wing NY Times purchased the ailing Globe for a staggering $1.1 Billion, – a temporary windfall for the Globe,  which would prove to be a bleeding artery for the Times…

By 2013 – 20 years later – the Times would jettison the Globe to Red Sox owner John Henry for a mere $70 millionjust 6% of what they paid for it,  – essentially the value of the real estate on Morrissey Boulevard.

From 2004 forward, the Globe just couldn’t say enough good about Hillary and Obama, – but never vetted either one.  They didn’t want to!

If the Globe was EVER an honest paper,  no living soul can remember it.  Long ago the rag voluntarily joined the ranks of the Mass Democrat Party – as their Propaganda Ministry.  Journalism there is a joke;  spreading the Party Line is their mission now.

When to their great dismay and chagrin Trump became President,  they began a new era of scare journalism. Make no mistake about it – it was racist to it’s core.

Today they’re like a lifelong junkie – begging for public sympathy ‘for their wretched condition’ – even as they inject themselves (and us) with another dose of Socialist Poison.

Too bad they never took time to understand what happens to newspapers in a real Socialist society….

Yes Globe – you ARE FAKE NEWS!

You ARE the ENEMY of a free and God-fearing people,  – and an ENEMY of Liberty!

May all of you – starting with John Henry – ROT IN HELL! 

You have betrayed the trust placed in you by our 1st Amendment.

UPDATE:   Friday, 17 Aug 2018   Globe is a “Victim”...?

3 Responses to “The Lying Sniveling Boston Globe”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    “Over the 32 years I’ve been in the Greater Boston area, – I’ve watched the Globe go from a massive Sunday edition to a skinny rag, ”

    If you think 32 years ago the Globe was massive, the paper was a real monster in the 60s. Outside every Catholic church there were mountains of papers for sale.

  2. Vince Picarello

    I do not think I have ever read the Globe and probably never will..

  3. Catherine

    The glob (sic) was our family paper for years when I was growing up. We also got the Record American and Herald Traveler on Sundays.

    Their headline is correct: Journalists are NOT the enemy. Problem is that there have been NO journalists at the glob for decades. Merely propaganda mouthpieces of the dhimmicrats. Perhaps they qualify for Jay Severin’s appellation of “jeh-whore-nalists” but possibly they’re not even that good.

    The only thing the glob has been good for, for decades, is bird cage liner and paper-training puppies. Total losers; the sooner they go under, the better. There are far better uses for that prime real estate.