The Looting Of Mondawmin Mall

Posted April 30th, 2015 by Iron Mike

When so-called “protesters” turn into packs of animals.
Mondawmin Mall

Tough to run a business on the edge of a ghetto;  – a LOT tougher when your customers come in packs and loot your store – with impunity . Heartbreaking when the Mayor allows it…   Disgusting video below the fold.

America, you need to brace for a summer of this across our land,

 – as our race-baiting cop-blaming pResident makes excuses for this kind of behavior,  

– and his new Attorney General focuses on investigating white police officers.

None of this behavior ‘honors’ or ‘memorializes’ Freddie Gray.

When the mall reopens,  how are the store owners expected to deal with these same people when they casually stroll back into the very shops they looted…?

2 Responses to “The Looting Of Mondawmin Mall”

  1. Flick

    I’m familiar with Baltimore. This is the urban environment our pResident is trying to force us back into. In order to get to a big box store you need to saddle up and get on to the interstate and beltway. A half-hour trip to Home Depot/Lowe’s/Target. There’s no real estate footprint to be had other than Mom ‘n Pop.

    CVS took a chance and served these folks with what they needed within walking distance. Now after looting, (with the blessings of the Mayor), CVS may not return.

    The inner-city folks are now without the convenience of CVS and the Mondawin Mall. The professional rioters are long gone, and the locals are left to suffer.

    Interesting statement on FOX today that the professional rioters are the same folks from Occupy ______. Who’s bankrolling them? I’m sure there’d be no surprises there.

  2. Walter Knight

    Rumors are Freddie Gray had a pre-existing injury, and the police did not injure him. Of course, a Baltimore (inner city) jury will convict police officers no matter what the evidence. The whole criminal justice system in Baltimore is broke.