The Lie Revealed As ‘Coalition’ Crumbles

Posted February 5th, 2015 by Iron Mike

It was inevitable – Obama’s blustering lies have been revealed, – even as ISIS ups the stakes in this 1400-year old religious war. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed’s worst fears were realized when it became clear in December that Obama’s ‘coalition against ISIS’ was ineptly planned, half-heartedly run, and essentially just for show to America’s low-information TV audience.
UAE Sheikh Khalifa

When Jordan’s Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh crashed in Syria on Christmas Eve, the Sheikh knew what the outcome would be, – and refused to risk his own pilots to the inept leadership of Obama.

No SAR unitsPublicly the issue was downed pilot rescue – SAR or Search and Rescue. There is none.

Most likely the REAL ISSUE was commitment – that Obama’s bombing-only / no-boots was just for show back home, announced in haste last September – with the mid-term elections looming – after the August beheading of James Foley.

The Sheikh can count; – and the paltry number of daily pin-prick airstrikes didn’t match even Obama’s tepid promise of a “…comprehensive and sustained…” campaign.

Degrade and Destroy

From the viewpoint of the Emirates – the collection of seven ancient tribal kingdoms which make up the UAE, – their real long-term enemy are the Persians, – Iranian Shiites just across the Straits of Hormuz.

UAE F-16s Block 60


For a nation of just 9 million people [mostly foreign workers] the UAE Air Force is fairly robust and modern. It is designed to defend against invading Iranians, – not go after questionable ground targets 1300 miles away in the Syrian desert.

And certainly not without a robust SAR network ready to find and grab a downed fighter pilot.

Certainly everybody in the Emirates is fully aware of Obama’s inexplicable and ongoing courtship of the Iranian Mullahs.  It has to be unnerving.

So on the VERY DAY that Jordan’s King Abdullah jumps into the fray, – Obama is embarrassed by the revelation that he’s been hiding the fact that the UAE stopped making bombing runs back in January.

It’s going to be worse for Obama over these remaining 23 months of his tenure.

He is about to find out how disrespected and unpopular he truly is in the Muslim world – and across the Free World – where every ruler – elected or king – knows that his words, – his judgment, and his honor are worthless.

Obama never one of us

Back in 2008 I warned – LOUDLY – that people would die in large numbers if Americans were stupid enough to elect this fraud.  I was called a ‘racist’.

I take no satisfaction in having been proven right.

I would have much preferred to have been proven wrong….

The Mysterious White House Muslim Meeting:

No sooner had King Abdullah flown back to Jordan to lead his nation’s campaign against ISIS, than Obama convened a ‘secret meeting’ of Muslims in the White House – and refused to divulge who’d been invited.

Obama's Muslim Meeting 4 Feb 2015

We are left to speculate…..

Was it to reassure nervous Muslim leaders that the US Government would somehow shield them from righteous backlash and anger resulting from the barbarous roasting of Lt. Al-Kaseasbeh?

Or was he reassuring them that anything he was saying in public about going after the ISIS murderers was just for show to American’s TV audience…?

Because we know that if Obama wants to talk to other Muslims – his White House staff is full of them….

And if you think things will somehow “work out OK”, – here is a clip of Undersecretary for Defense Ashton Carter – up as Obama’s nominee to become SecDEF – before the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday – Wed, 4 Feb 2015:

If HE can’t explain Obama’s “strategy” – how can we expect allies to sign on?

Are you reassured now…?

3 Responses to “The Lie Revealed As ‘Coalition’ Crumbles”

  1. Jim Gettens

    HUSSEIN Obama is utterly contemptible. One struggles to describe him accurately. How about ‘The Lying, Corrupt, Cowardly, Wholly Incompetent, Posing, Posturing, Bloviating, Self-Absorbed, Kenyan-Muslim-Commie AssWipe-in-Chief’?

  2. Walter Knight

    Obama won’t even commit to supplying Jordon parts and maintenance for its air force. When Arab nations withdraw their air forces from the front lines, it’s because the planes wore out and can’t fly anymore.

  3. Kojack

    Foreign leaders need to bluntly call out and condemn Obysmal for the Islamic, cowardly, narcissistic, pathological liar that he is.