The Liar And The Unimpressed

Posted July 2nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

To get the picture you have to watch this one twice.  First listen as our Undocumented Worker talks about unemployment numbers in the most offhand and casual of terms.  Then watch the faces on the dupes who agreed to be his background props.  Watch the “veteran” and the grinning idiot to his right.  I’m not seeing that ole’ magic anymore

One Response to “The Liar And The Unimpressed”

  1. asusue

    OK, I now want to throw something or smack this guy! Who, in their right mind, thinks this is the way a president speaks. This sounds like the kind of outlandish comment Archie Bunker used to make to Edith and she would give him that stupid “Oh, I never thought of that” look. Maybe he is used to his adoring, idiotic, non thinking, nay, barely sensient, base buying this stuff. I pray that there are not too many of them left. If there are, this country is in real trouble. This guy should be selling snake oil or “healing” people at an evangelical service, (with apologies to Evangelicals). Or maybe hawking Sham-Wows on commercials. Except that Sham-Wows really work. God help us, please!