The Left’s New Grenade: “White Nationalists”

Posted August 28th, 2015 by Iron Mike

There is no level of depravity or deceit to which the American Progressive Left will not sink. This week’s New Yorker magazine is a glaring example.
New Yorker with Arrow
Snot-nosed lefty Evan Osnos, [Jewish / Harvard / DC Beltway dweller] has decided that Trump supporters are “White Nationalists” – which is the modern word for Nazis and Neo-Nazis….  Your chief sins?

Having an awareness of the number of illegals living here,…

calling them illegals,…

– and being paranoid about the number of murders, rapes, and violent crimes they commit.

Being willing to support a presidential candidate who will build a wall – and deport them.

New Yorker story 001

In the twisted thinking of the New Left [progressives / socialists / communists] like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Obama and Biden, – this is akin to the visceral hatred the Nazis had for Jews and Slavic peoples… You’re just plain evil, – loathsome.

But they won’t say that, – they’ll sugar-coat it with “White Nationalists”, the same way they sugar-coat wasteful giveaways of taxpayer money under the cloak of “crumbling roads and bridges”. It’s all left-wing big-government one-world code-talk.

Why should we care what this elitist pecker-head writes?

Because this know-it-all gets an audience with the big left-wing policy-makers and big money donors. You know somebody who was murdered by an illegal, – and he subtly brands you a ‘hater’ and a Nazi, – and it starts to stick.

Your kids and grand-kids may come to believe it.

Evan has taken sides, – he’s NOT a ‘Journalist’!

If recent writings are to be taken seriously, Evan is a Joe Biden fan!

The Biden Agenda


I’m guessing you won’t see Evan Osnos doing any in-depth reporting on the Black Lives Matter movement, – or covering the border in Southern Arizona….

8 Responses to “The Left’s New Grenade: “White Nationalists””


    waste little time feeding the left wing birds.ignore them,this is what they want,deny them the stage.

  2. Vlad

    Please stop! The Nazis were hands down the world’s masters of propaganda. Look at the uniforms, the flags, the pomp, and their ability to twist the minds of the simple minded. Now are you trying to tell me that Hitler and the Nazis made a boo-boo when they included “Socialist” in their name? Want to see Nazis and their descendants…..look to the liberal progressive left. They traded the high top leather boots for suits and indian feathers.

  3. Varvara

    A very proud Marine standing there. A very sour faced man in the same photo.

  4. Tom Gilroy

    In what sewer do these people reside and obtain their sustenance? From whom were they begought? Thet are the spawn of satan and Beelzebub here only to lead the evil doers in their quest to conquer our society.

  5. Hawk1776

    Does anyone outside of NYC actually read the New Yorker? It belongs in the same category as the New York Times, something read by (as Agnew described them) effete intellectuals.

  6. Paul J Baldi

    The magazine article could have read” By stoking
    paranoia about racism, Obama has energized the far left”.
    Funny how the lefties love to call other people names.
    Like a squid in trouble, squirt some ink and swim away.

  7. kojack

    “Why should we care what this elitist pecker-head writes?

    Because this know-it-all gets an audience with the big left-wing policy-makers and big money donors….”

    Anyone who reads this drivel is beyond hope.


    Agreed Kojack,

    BUT, these left-wing readers include teachers and college professors – who are busy brainwashing our next generations. THEY believe it, – and they regurgitate it as ‘facts’ to impressionable kid, – who in turn believe it…and vote for lefties….

  8. Sherox

    I’m offended and I am NOT all white!