The Left’s Dishonest Questions Explained

Posted April 1st, 2020 by Iron Mike

…no honest answer goes untwisted…”

Yamiche is a terribly frustrated and angry young woman.  Born to Haitian parents in Miami, – she dreamed of being a Civil Rights Reporter…..

.and low & behold – with a little AA/EEO,  she got herself into prestigious Georgetown University (BS),  and on to NY University (MA),…and then a job with Newsday for 2 years before getting hired by USA Today in NYC…

But as she was readying herself for ground-breaking reporting career,  History had marched on – right past her as she studied…

America had already elected a Black President,  – one so bathed in AA/EEO that nobody dared to question his birthplace,  his birth certificate,  his grades,  his writings,  – or his travels around the world with his gay Pakistani Muslim college friend.

And Obama promptly appointed a retarded Hispanic Woman and a stubby Lesbian (who’d never tried a case) to the Supreme Court.   Were there were no more outrages to write about….?

In 2010 she covered the Haiti earthquake,  – but somehow never reported on how Bill and Hillary looted the relief fund.  Maybe she didn’t want to be Arkancided…?

…and then,…along came Trump!

Needing COMFORT,  Ms. Alcindor got married – to reporter Nathaniel Cline.

Now part of the White House Press Corps (for PBS) she is part of the organized effort to hector our President every day with multiple trick and ‘Gotcha’ questions,  – all designed to produce a half-baked screaming headline:

“Trump:  ventilators will be RATIONED!”

“Trump:  No help for Democrat Governors!”

“Trump:  I blew it,  – millions will DIE!”

“Trump:  Illegals to the back of the line!”

These (or similar ones) are the headlines the Left is itching to write – and the entire left-wing WH Press Corps is trying to goad him into an angry utterance they can twist into a headline.

Thank God that Trump sees them coming…..and doesn’t take the bait.

As for Yamiche Alcindor,  – if she truly cared about Civil Rights and the fate of Black Americans,  – she’d be doing stories about Planned Murderhood,  drug use in our inner cities,  and the utter corruption of the Black Democrats elected to high office in our major cities.

But for so long as she can pile up résumé credits as a White House Reporter,  – why bother to do the basic daily research required to ask a thoughtful question…?

Far easier to collect a PAYCHECK (PBS is government money) for asking GOTCHA questions….

2 Responses to “The Left’s Dishonest Questions Explained”

  1. panther 6

    Yamiche is a total turn off when she gets recognized. Makes one wonder where the networks find people with such low IQ’s. Also agree that Jim Acosta is in a league of his own and should not be in the WH press corps.

  2. Joe

    The least she could do is do her hair and put on some makeup before she goes out to interview the President. No class.


    It’s a case of that Ancient Truth Joe: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s only SKIN DEEP.

    UGLY goes right down to the BONE!