The Left: Telling You How To THINK

Posted June 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

They’re still doing autopsies down in Orlando,  recovering bullets and shell casings,  – while the FBI tries to build the case of ‘a madman’ rather than a standard issue Islamic jihadi.
Glenn Thrush bashes Trump
Now with utter predictability , the LEFT criticizes Trump’s behavior – saying he wasn’t reserved enough – not dignified enough to be President.  Really?

They wanted Obama and Hillary monopolizing the spotlight. 

Never let a pile of dead bodies go to waste when you can rant about ‘assault weapons’ and gun control

How very crude of Trump to point out that the same FBI which is foot-dragging on Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and Hillary’s illegal private email server,…

…is the same FBI which has let another Islamic jihadi slip through their fingers….

To be EXACT:  Obama’s FBI – for 7 years and 5 months…

You remember Obama – the guy who was SO MUCH SMARTER than Bush…?

The guy who picked the biggest liar in the US Senate as his SecState, – and send her to Russia with a ‘Reset Button’….

Hillary reset button

…and after Obama surrendered in Iraq,…pulling our troops out,…and his plots to topple all the heads of government across the Middle East and North Africa blew up in Benghazi….

Benghazi Dead

…he replaced the burnt-out Hillary with America’s biggest ego [and biggest gigolo] – John Ketchup Kerry….who began to travel the world beating his own drum for his own presidential ambitions,…

Kerry's Gong Show

…even if it meant letting Iran build a nuclear bomb….

Kerry WARNS Iran

Yet Politico – the left’s leading mouthpiece – believes that Trump saying “I warned you” and “they’ll strike again…” is ‘unpresidential’…?

I don’t think a worthy patriot could say anything else,  – since Obama chose the moment to rant about gun control,…and STILL cannot utter the words ‘Islamic Terrorism’.

Glenn Thrush is Politico’s chief editor and takes a personal interest in his favorite politician – Hillary.

Glenn Thrush interviews Hillary

He once told Obama that Hillary was his personal favorite.  Thus we are not surprised at the Trump-bashing, – just knowing the source helps understand its worth….<squat>…

What Thrush cannot deny:   Trump was right about Muslim Immigration from the day he began his campaign.

WE DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHO OR WHAT OBAMA IS BRING IN HERE…. We need to get a good handle on it,…before more Americans are killed!

And when you read Thrush’s Politico hit piece,  Thrush offers no suggestions for stopping Islamic terrorism – either here or overseas….

As an American who is VERY TIRED of seeing crooks run my country and watching other nations take full advantage….

…I thank GOD we have Trump to speak for us….


9 Responses to “The Left: Telling You How To THINK”

  1. Vic

    Once again, that was no ‘reset button.’ It was actually a Kill Switch.

  2. Varvara

    New people need to be vetted and vaccinated. I’m not sure witch is worse, terror or disease. Actually, they are both bad. Fifty dead and they don’t know the cause. Nonsense, they know.

    Gun stocks are on the rise again. This is Ramadan, expect more deaths.

  3. panther 6

    Of course they know and it may or may not come out that this lad was a militant muslim bent on killing homosexuals whom islam hates and touts killing. Not rocket science but it is not what BO and Valerie and Michele want to hear or see in print.

    Note please that this activity has gotten all mention of Hill Babe’s e-mail issue off the front page.

  4. William Clark

    Put yourself in Billy-Bubs position owner of the Gun shop. An apparent middle eastern looking man approaches:

    MEM – “Hello, I need a gun”.

    Billy- “Sure what kind do you have in mind”.
    MEM- “I don’t know, I have heard of a M-16, is that good.
    Billy- “yea we got them, how many you want.
    MEM- “just one and some magazines and bullets”.
    Billy – “You doin a lot of shooting”
    MEM- “Yes”
    Billy- “We got special magazines out back – they hold more rounds and you can tape them together for a hot swap, I’ll show you how.”
    MEM – “OK”
    Billy- “You’ll need a cleaning Kit”
    MEM- “No that’s ok – I don’t plan on cleaning it, I am paying cash, just the Gun, 10 Magazines and 500 Rounds of 5.56, that’s all.
    Billy- “OK but you’ll have to wait 3 days for the sale to clear.
    MEM- “OK – I don’t need it for a couple weeks”

    Nothing seems wrong with this……….

  5. Asusue

    Not to mention that the same people who couldn’t keep track of this guy, after he was twice investigated and was on and then off the terrorist watch list, are the same people who are supposed to be “vetting” all the Muslim refugees being brought in here by the plane and bus load. If only one person in that club had been armed!

  6. Mt Woman

    And now they are again questioning why when we see something–we don’t say something…

  7. Walter Knight

    Once again a no-gun zone turns into a death trap.

  8. Hunter556

    William Clark….had he refused to sell the nice middle eastern man……politically correct assholes like yourself would have sued him out of business. This pattern of your (liberal) insanity can also be seen with the religious bakers forced to put cocks on cakes. All this blood… on your hands sir.

  9. MC

    Hunter you wrote exactly what I was thinking!

    Did Clark note that his Billy-Bubs was actually a retired NYC detective who moved to Florida and was most likely a liberal himself?

    But having more faith in this retired cop, I would make a wager that he called the FBI on this idiot and that information was placed on hold not to offend the sensibilities of Obama’s Muslims.

    Or,…could this terrorist Omar’s name been on one of those lists that Obama had scrubbed from TECS when he came into office?

    It is past time for cream-puffs and liberals to wake up and realize that until we as a nation recognize that the game has changed, and that Muslims with their medieval ideas are knocking at our doors, this nation will never be the same and the millennials will never enjoy the freedoms that we enjoyed before 9/11.