The Left Is So Terribly Frustrated

Posted August 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Left has had an ongoing anti-gun / anti-NRA narrative for years, and they are constantly frustrated when the facts and the shooters don’t fit neatly into it.

True,  Connor Betts DID use an AR with 100-round double-drum magazine to kill his sister and 8 others,…it turns out he was an eager apostle for socialismWill the Squaw and her Tribe blame young Connor – or the gun?

Ohio authorities many never fully reveal what they find out about the relationship between Betts and his younger sister Megan,…and her boyfriend.

The police may choose to respect the family privacy…..and we shouldn’t speculate….however odd the circumstances appear.

But some of his tweets are revealing, and he’s clearly NOT a Trump fan.

AND,…he was following the 20+ Democrats / Socialists running for President…

Only an old soldier like myself can find the irony or see the dark humor in a senseless mass murder,…

…just try to understand that in my time I’ve seen way too many bodies…

But it will be hilarious to watch the Squaw calling out for more background checks and for outlawing “Assault Weapons of War”, – when that AR in Dayton didn’t drive itself into the Oregon Historic District Saturday night.

It was a brainwashed millennial socialist and Squaw Supporter who loaded that weapon, – placed it in the car (with his sister), – and drove it to the scene of the carnage.

AND REMEMBER:  While the various leftist go ranting about “Assault Weapons”,  – they ALL support LATE TERM and PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS, – and some even agree with killing an unwanted baby after birth….

It’s called HYPOCRISY!

2 Responses to “The Left Is So Terribly Frustrated”

  1. panther 6

    Yes indeed there is lots of hypocrisy to go around. I am a shooter and hunter but wonder why any citizen needs such a double round 100 bullet magazine. In combat OK but for plinking or hunting – NO!

  2. Jim Ettwein

    The 2nd amendment was not meant to limit what we have to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. The 2nd amendment was not designed to promote our own personal protection. Don’t conflate the two. While personal protection is important, it’s not the 2nd amendment that provides for this.
    Don’t look to other nations for an example. None of them have a constitution protecting such citizens rights from infringement.
    They only have privileges that the government bestows on them. Privileges can be revoked in an instant when the government wants to increase its power over the citizenry.
    We are unique in the world, and we don’t establish our laws based on what happens elsewhere.