The Left FEARS A ‘China Trade War’?

Posted May 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

For 30 long months we’ve heard nothing but ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Obstruction’ and daily predictions about ‘Impeachment’….

Suddenly the anti-Trumpers have a new wail,… “Trump’s TRADE WAR with China….”   Oh woe is us,…we’re all gonna die!

Most RRB Readers have a clue,…that we’re been in a ‘trade war’ with China since 1972, – when Nixon went to Peking.

The Chinese have been gleefully eating our lunch ever since, – with the clear objective of using our blind ignorance and our corrupt politicians to build up their military prowess.

UNDERSTAND:  The Chinese outnumber us 4 to 1. They can throw masses of raw human power into any project – and thus build it faster and cheaper than we can, with total disregard for the environment.

UNDERSTAND:  They have never – for thousands of years – EVER “played by the rules”.  They don’t ‘play’;  – they strive to WIN!  And they’ve been winning!

UNDERSTAND:  They have a high disregard for Westerners – Americans in particular. They KNOW our leaders are corrupt – they’ve been proving it since 1972.

UNDERSTAND:  That most American presidents have been totally ignorant of life, events, and politics in China – and in the Orient in general.  

Harry Truman was a racist – despised the Chinese,  and told people he didn’t care who ended up winning the Chinese Civil War.  His refusal to aid our wartime ally Chang Kai Shek in any way paved the road for Mao’s victory.

Most young Americans in 2019 are used to low cost clothes in their malls,  and have gotten used to replacing wheel bearings every 30,000 miles,  – and never question either phenomenon.

But those cheap clothes mean empty mills along the Piedmont,  and those cheap Chinese aftermarket bearings mean empty factories in New England and the Rust Belt….

…while American politicians from BOTH PARTIES get quiet Chinese money by way of campaign contributions….to keep quiet….

When China is able to move this volume of goods – on a near daily basis, they can bribe thousands of American politicians from the profits of only a few containers….

Democrats are genetically poor at math,  – they can’t calculate the damage being done on a daily basis to American towns as China rules the waves.

Besides,  – Democrats just spent the 60s and 70s bemoaning those “belching smokestacks”,…and now they’re happy because they can’t see the belching Chinese smokestacks….

For 8 critical years, Obama’s every thought was about himself….

Now suddenly – 47 years after Nixon’s China visit, – we have an American President who sees and understands the LOOMING DANGER!

He understands that the Chinese end game is to DOMINATE the world – militarily, economically, and culturally….

He understands that EVERY EMPTY US FACTORY is a bleeding wound that we must mend….

He understands that soon – if we fail to act – there will come a TIPPING POINT,  where Chinese strength and power will DOMINATE the USA,  – and we will have become an agricultural vassal state – providing the Chinese with food, and existing ourselves on what they allow us….

.in EXACTLY the same way Mao decreed that 60,000,000 Chinese peasants were to be starved to death….for the good of the masses….

The “Trump Tariffs” will likely cause some short-term pain,  but it will cause American companies to reopen manufacturing plants here (US Jobs and the $$ stay HERE), – and will cause far more economic pain to the Chinese.

They might even have to postpone some aircraft carriers and submarines…

3 Responses to “The Left FEARS A ‘China Trade War’?”

  1. Varvara

    Excellent reporting Mike. Thank you.

  2. GreenBeretLTC


    You’re printing words and concepts that Democraps are too stupid to read and comprehend, so they use their ignorance as their next war cry.

    What else do they have?

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Today, Biden scoffed at China being a threat to our Democracy. “Give me a break”, I think he said….

    Remember when the Village Idiot and his mentor (who hasn’t even had the courtesy to endorse his Idiot…..) also scoffed at Romney’s 2012 pronouncement that Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat? Tell me, who is it the Democraps are screaming about damaging our Democracy by interfering with the 2016 presidential election?

    How is this guy even a candidate today? Matter of fact, how the hell are any of the 20 or so candidates today?