The King Who MUST Be Loved

Posted May 19th, 2011 by Iron Mike
King Obama is an unhappy monarch. He’s just not getting the kind of love he needs. This makes him angry. He can be a really pissy twerp.Yesterday’s victim was the Boston Herald.Back on March 8th, the Herald ran a front page story – an op-ed by Mitt Romney. It included an unflattering photo of the king. [I like to use unflattering photos too, – they’re so plentiful.]

The King’s revenge was to deny the Herald access to the two fundraising events in Boston Wednesday. He claimed the Herald didn’t have a record of being ‘fair’, i.e. they weren’t sucking up enough.

While ardent love-struck MoonBats may see King Obama’s decision as ‘fair’, this $1 Million fundraiser may have cost him an equal amount of respect and support from fence-sitting undecided voters.

Flags - Teleprompter - Telepromptee

Whatever he had to say yesterday [who cares?] is lost in the noise surrounding the event.

MoonBats Menino and Duh-val greet the King

He certainly lost nobility points.  He lent credibility to Mitt’s op-ed.  Sure takes the luster off his ‘victory lap’.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


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  1. Perplexed Senior

    The pResident stops in Groton, CT at the Coast Guard Academy for a commencement/campaign address and immediately segways to Boston for the big moonbat fundraiser. Who is paying for this? The taxpayer pays for Air Force 1 and the logistics to transport the auto armada. Under the Campaign Finance Law, the pResident’s campaign committee is only liable for the price of a first class round trip ticket from Groton, CT to Boston, MA. What a deal!!