The Kavanaugh Muckraking Has Begun!

Posted July 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Democrat researchers are burrowing deep into the archives of the Bush Library – looking for anything with Brett Kavanaugh’s fingerprints on it.

Since they are unlikely to FIND anything – anything at all; – they’re likely to make something up – like they did with Trump in the Steele Dossier….


Understanding the Steele Dossier:   In mid-2016 – sensing that her support was waning and that Trump might beat her in November,  Hillary’s campaign – through the law firm Perkins Coie – retained Fusion GPS to come up with dirt on Trump.

They had some fake dirt ready – and money changed hands.

The “Dossier” claimed that while in Moscow Trump had paid several Russian prostitutes for sex – to include urinating on him.   Thus it was know as the pee-pee or Golden Showers dossier.  None other than bitter RiNO Arizona Senator John McCain made sure it got into the hands of the FBI Cartel operating under John Comey and Andrew McCabe.

NOTE:   If this seems far-fetched,  remember that Democrats found it utterly believable,  – probably because some of them do it themselves,  – and because they have so many sexually weird people in their party,  – like Anthony Weiner.

Using this false information – and conjecturing to the FISA Court that a future President Trump ~ might ~ be BLACKMAILED by Putin,…they obtained FISA warrants to start listening to Trump associates.

Fast forward to mid-summer 2018,  and Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt continues and Paul Manafort sits in solitary confinement awaiting trial – – for money-laundering…in a case which has nothing to do with Trump.

Mueller is still covering for Hillary’s crimes,  and he is determined to charge Trump with SOMETHING,  – even if is is just “lying to the FBI”,   – by subpoenaing him to testify under oath – and attempting to trip him up….

So if Trump resists a Mueller subpoena – the case could go immediately to the Supreme Court,  and the old question of a sitting president being immune from such distractions would again be center stage,   – as they were when Ken Starr questioned Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinsky…(and his dried sperm on her dress proved him a liar)…

Now in July 2018 Trump has nominated a Conservative Constitutionalist to replace the spineless Justice Kennedy.   This is the stuff of Democrat nightmares.

Their angst is five-fold:

1.   Since 1999,  Democrats have lain in wait – ready to impeach a Republican in revenge for the Clinton Impeachment.   They’re convinced Trump is ‘dirty’ and they see the Mueller witch-hunt as their best chance.

But if seated before a Mueller subpoena is served,  Kavanaugh is likely to squash it,  – saying that our Nation’s Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief should not be distracted,  – that distracting any President with trifles puts the Nation at risk.

Democrats ‘fix’ problems all the time at city and state level;  – even fixed Hillary’s treason problems inside the FBI, – so they assume Republicans would do the same.

2.   Abortion:   The possibility that in years to come a Conservative-heavy Court might finally overturn the stain of Roe v Wade terrorizes the baby-killing Democrat Party.

They have become just as dependent upon Abortion Money to fund their campaigns as plantation owners in the Old South were on slaves to pick the cotton.

Plus all Democrats have slut daughters, – who will need to ‘dispose’ of an evening’s indiscretion sooner or later….

And,…in their inner-city Black EBT Voter Plantations,  Democrats use the abortion mills to keep the Black population in check.

3.   Those damned independent agencies:   Like most Conservatives,  Kavanaugh chafes under the onslaught of the myriad of unconstitutional agencies created by Congress;  – agencies who then make their own regulations and have their own “administrative law judges” to hear complaints. Democrats in this bottomless swamp know a future Conservative Court is likely to rule these agencies fundamentally unconstitutional – and void their existence.

4.  ObamaCare:  For Progressives, ObamaCare was just a big first step towards National Health Care,  – and they don’t want it overturned.  They even hope it does go bankrupt;  – they see that as “the CRISIS” that will eventually FORCE the Congress to enact a system like the British and Canadians,  – and Cubans have.

Thus their battle cry during 2016 was “Health Care is a Human Right!”   Never mind that to make it happen the entire Health Care System of the US would have to suddenly become government slaves….

Since the Dems know all of this flies in the face of our Constitution,  – they want nobody like Kavanaugh on the Court!

5.  Gun Control:  The first step in conquering and controlling a Free People is to spend decades subverting their culture and dumbing down their kids.  

100+ years of Public Education and Union Teachers have done this.

The second step is to seize their guns.   The Left has been working on this since the end of WWII. California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are leading the way for the lemmings back into serfdom.  Never mind the FACTS,  “Guns” are easy to blame,  – since for 100 years teachers have instilled an unreasoned fear of them in our kids.

Democrats know that Judge Kavanaugh understands History,  – and understands why our Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment as our final safeguard against a future tyrant!

So like vultures and dung beetles,  they’re down at the G. W. Bush Library in Texas – sifting through old paperwork….looking for dirt (or a fake story) on Kavanaugh…

2 Responses to “The Kavanaugh Muckraking Has Begun!”

  1. Walter Knight

    I think the Democrats should go with a Stormy Daniels affair with Brett Kavanaugh.

  2. Walter Knight

    Democrats found it! Kavanaugh called Clinton a “Bitch” 20 years ago while watching TV.

    Actually, I think that qualifies him even more.