The Jeb Bush – Marco Rubio Debate Face-off

Posted October 30th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Are Jeb’s charges obnoxious – but true?   Is Marco a “Republican Obama”,  – running as a centrist with plans lurking in his heart to govern as a Progressive?
Jeb attacks Marco Rubio
No doubt that a year ago Jeb envisioned himself riding high and cruising to easy early primary victories.  He must be stunned and very bitter to have amassed a war chest only to be clinging to single digit poll numbers, – while upstart Rubio is ahead of him.

Wednesday night that bitterness came pouring out on stage – in front of CNBC’s record 14,000,000 debate viewers.  Egged on by a snarky question to Rubio by Carl Quintanilla,  Jeb pounced.

That backfired,  making Jeb look surly, pouty, and desperate;  – while Marco’s comeback was crisp, measured, showing a proper mixture of personal offense and executive aloofness.

For the rest of the night, Jeb never quite recovered,  – while Marco scored several more direct hits.

ANALYSIS:   Jeb is beyond desperate at this point – with a lot of BIG DOLLAR BACKERS asking him “WTF Jeb? Where are your results?

You know Jeb’s skin must crawl every time that phone rings….

BUT, – does he have a point?  Which of us know the ‘inner Marco’ better than Jeb?

And Marco has changed his pro-amnesty position,…unconvincingly….

Since Jeb is openly pro-amnesty [his wife was born in Mexico], – is this a case of ‘it takes one to know one’?

There ~ may ~ be life left in Marco’s campaign,  – but with that public display of desperation and non-presidential demeanor,  Jeb is going to have a hard time convincing voters he’s any better than the single-digits he’s polling at today.


Prior to Wednesday night’s debate he had a 112-page power-point press handout prepared by his staff.  

Bush's wonky charts

It was full of wonky charts, graphs and projections – and it seemed more focused on Marco than on the Democrats….

Marco Risky Bet

One slide was a clear-cut attack.   Why was it necessary?

We might ask:  If Jeb is so focused on destroying Marco Rubio, – is there something more going on between these two men?  Why isn’t Jeb attacking the front-runners?

From my perspective,  with either Bush or Rubio at the top of our ticket next November would pretty much cinch a Hillary presidency.  We might even lose the Senate again…

Neither is any better than a John McCain or a Mitt Romney,  – neither will excite elderly Republicans or Conservatives to venture forth in the cold and the rain to vote,  – and we will likely see another very low Republican voter turnout come November 2016.

By contrast, Trump, Carson, and Cruz each bring a group of enthusiastic conservatives and TEA Party people into the game, – and Trump brings in people who were never even registered to vote.

I think it will come down to which group of voters is bigger:

– the mindless MoonBats who want a woman’ 
       – no matter how many lies she’s told…Lifelong Liar


– the Americans who want the Wall built and our borders secured!

Border Fence

In the months to come, – you’ll hear Hillary hint at the same exact kind of blanket amnesty and ‘path to citizenship’ that both Jeb and Rubio have spoken about.

FYI: that ‘path to citizenship’ is political code for “Elect me in 2016, and you’ll be able to VOTE for my re-election in 2020!”

So Jeb,…what kind of “Executive Decision-Maker” has his staff put together a 112 page press handout…?

4 Responses to “The Jeb Bush – Marco Rubio Debate Face-off”

  1. FLICK

    Time to cut bait Jeb. When your following is as big as the margin of error, you are irrelevant.

  2. Walter Knight

    The problem between Bush and Rubio is they’re both from Florida. One of them has to go so Florida votes aren’t broken up allowing Trump to win.


    Bush like clinton felt entitled, next in line, how dare we not elect him? Backed by the republican establishment, and mentored by karl rove it should have been a no brainer, except most voters are “sick to the bone” of career politicians, and dynasty families. We have choices, he is not one.

  4. Walter Knight

    That, and Bush is a pussy.