The IRS: Kings And Queens Of Arrogance

Posted June 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Brazen, rude, unapologetic, – they act as if their signed pResidential pardons were already in their pockets.
Lerner  Koskinen  arrogant
The list of Lois Lerner’s sins grows – item-by-item, – despite her destroying her hard drive to cover her tracks.

Not only was she targeting the TEA Party groups for Obama, – but a few years back – back during the Bush Administration she was fast-tracking Muslim Brotherhood groups – groups who were openly collecting money for Middle Ease terrorist groups.

We at RRB have a strong hunch she was doing that on her own – without White House knowledge or direction.

As I said, – drip-by-drip, – item-by-item. Sooner or later somebody inside is going to hear the voice of God – and spill the beans.

And sooner or later – there will be a Republican Patriot in the White House – and Ms. Lerner may have to answer criminal charges for aiding and abetting terrorists.

Fast-tracking Aid for Terrorists

Targeting TEA Party & Conservatives

Abuse of Executive Power

Conspiring to Deny Citizens their 1st Amendment Rights

Lying Under Oath to Congress

Hindering a Congressional Investigation

Destroying Evidence

Meanwhile, Trey Gowdy was pretty damn good last night…

And John Koskinen should not be too smug. He’s 74, and may feel he’s above the reach of Congress.  He has given various Democrats some $100,000 over the years.  He may think he’s paid for political ‘cover’.

But if he has aided and abetted Lois Lerner’s crimes – to include treason, – he too could see the inside of a prison.

5 Responses to “The IRS: Kings And Queens Of Arrogance”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The arrogant Mr. Koskinen has a resume going back to the sixties that would make any political hack very happy and attractive to the party faithful. He stated out working for then Senator Ribicoff, did some law clerking, but you would never know, given his responses, worked in the dreaded private sector, union pension funds, transportation, OMB and Freddie Mac where he retired in 2012. Returned to head the IRS no doubt for his arrogance with a promise that he would be protected from criminal prosecution by Obama and his boss Eric Holder

  2. Varvara

    How will 0bama and Holder protect Koskinen from prosecution from their jail cells?

  3. Hawk1776

    In a perverse way Koskinen is really impressive. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, rattles him. He is deftly stonewalling everything. The IRS scandal may not get action until a Republican president takes office in 2017.

  4. Sherox

    The bottom line is simple. The people in the Obama administration absolutely know that nothing is ever going to happen to them.

  5. KarenG

    I hope and pray that the “lost” emails are still out there somewhere and can eventually be retrieved…maybe Snowden has them.