The Insatiable Lust Of Jamie Eldridge

Posted May 6th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Massachusetts State Senator JamieBoy Eldridge was raised with special needs’.  He needs to feel important, – in charge, and the center of attention. He needs to feel the groveling adoration of his humble MoonBat masses.

He needs to decide how you should live, how much money is ‘too much’ for you to be allowed to keep, and what ‘programs and services’ his nanny state should be administering.

You ~ could say ~ that JamieBoy is a control freak.

Massachusetts is the most in-debt state in the Union.

We have nearly $102 Billion in state debt [¸  6,573,751 people] = roughly $15.5K individual debt to the State.

We have 226,300 people unemployed, 160,000 illegal aliens, and over 836,000 people on food stamps.

Still,  JamieBoy’s socialist buddies in our state legislature can’t stop the madness. They’re spending over $81 Billion this year with revenue of just $70 Billion.  The $11 Billion difference – is going on YOUR CREDIT CARD!

Cut spending? Ever?

HELL NO!!! “Tax the RICH!!  “Tax those evil companies!!” “We’ve got to maintain the programs people care most about.”

What people Jamie? The ones you’re keeping down on your socialist welfare plantation?

And yet JamieBoy can’t figure out why companies and retired people are fleeing the Commonwealth? Even John Ketchup Kerry won’t moor his boat here!

Jamie Eldridge is a dangerous man!

In my time I’ve seen few better at public deception than Jamie.

He is skilled at the ~ slight ~ misspeak, the convenient rounding up or rounding down of a number, the half-truth and the half-story, and always that sad basset hound look when you challenge his position.

He is really good at spinning his actual position into something a given group wants to hear. In 2008 he presented himself to the Westborough Selectmen as a fiscal conservative. George Thompson actually wrote an endorsement for him.  By 2010 Thompson knew he’d been fooled and ran against him.

When spin won’t cover the truth, Jamie buries you in detail. Read this Lowell Sun article, and see if you can follow the jumble of figures and percentages. The average Joe has little chance against this carnival huckster mumbo-jumbo.

Jamie – who was bullied as a kid – has a lust for power. He’s eyeballing higher office. In 2007 he was trounced by Niki Tsongas for the empty 5th District congressional seat. Now he brags that he has filed over 100 bills in the Mass State Senate, including a Constitutional Amendment for a graduated ‘progressive’ income tax.

With Tim Murray in some ethical trouble, I think you could envision JamieBoy running for LtGov in 2014 or even against Scott Brown next year. Hang on to your checkbooks!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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2 Responses to “The Insatiable Lust Of Jamie Eldridge”

  1. Bill

    “Jamie – who was bullied as a kid – has a lust for power.”

    He was bullied as a kid and went on to successful career as a politician. I wonder what that means happened to you as a kid. I would hazard a guess that you had some inappropriate after school meetings with your gym teacher. That would explain why you use insults like JamieBoy. You still have not grown up. In fact, compared to a ‘special need’ kid you are like a brain dead vegetable.

  2. Iron Mike

    >> Brain dead vegetable

    And you now find yourself replying to a ‘brain dead vegetable’?

    One of the points I try to make to brain-dead MoonBats is that JamieBoy was turned into a bully when he was a kid. Now he’s having his revenge on a society he largely loathes.

    Click back in often Bill.