The Inmates Are Firmly In Charge!

Posted February 6th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Because after all, – they’re all just SO much smarter than George W. Bush!
Susan Rice Brookings

At 1 PM today
Susan “LIAR” Rice – Obama’s first choice to be SecState, – who occupies the fall-back position of White House Security Advisor – will address the Brookings Institute to explain Obama’s policy of “Strategic Patience” toward ISIS and Putin’s adventurism in Eastern Europe.

It should make a patriot’s blood curdle…

It should make you throw up.

This is the lying bitch that went on FIVE (5) Sunday morning shows – on Sunday, 16 September 2012 – to lie to America about the events leading up to the Benghazi Massacre.

Susan Rice on Sunday shows

At the time she was our Ambassador to the United Nations.

Her reward for her treasonous loyalty to Obama and Hillary was to be nominated to be Secretary of State.

Obama Hillary and Rice all lied

That went nowhere, – so Obama made her White House National Security Advisor – which did not require Senate confirmation.

And the security situation for America and the World has only gotten more dangerous since.

Putin has grabbed the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine by force and is threatening the Baltic states with similar armed takeovers.

ISIS – which in September 2012 very few Americans had heard of – has grown to a well-armed, well-financed force of over 30,000 – with active agents in at lease eleven (11) North African and Middle Eastern countries.James Foley beheaded

I often think back to James Foley – who ISIS beheaded last August,  – and wonder if he managed to vote for Obama’s re-election before he was kidnapped by ISIS in November 2012.

What could the Obama Cartel really mean by the catch-phrase “Strategic Patience”?

Could they mean waiting until the Shia Twelvers of Iran finish making a half-dozen EMP nuclear bombs – and wiping Israel off the face of the Earth?

Susan Liar Rice at Brookings


3 Responses to “The Inmates Are Firmly In Charge!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Yesterday, her boss, the smartest guy in any room, made a fool of himself evoking the Crusades that took place almost 1000 years ago with the barbarism of ISIS. As a historian he fails, as a constitutional professor he fails and as a president he fails as well. If this man could be embarrassed, he surely did yesterday before the National Prayer Breakfast. How can we expect, Susan Rice, the Benghazi Liar, to do nothing but trumpet the administration talking points and lies.

  2. Sherox

    The time for so-called strategic patience is long over. The time to act is now.