The Indians Didn’t Build A WALL Day

Posted October 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It’s Columbus Day weekend again…. 526 years ago History began to change.  Today most young Americans have no clue how or why,  – they just spout left-wing talking points.

What does rotten meat have to do with Columbus Day?  WHY did Columbus need to sail WEST to find the Indies?  Most of his crew were terrified of two possible fates which might end their journey.  What did they fear?  If you don’t know the answers,  how do you expect your kids to know?

3 Responses to “The Indians Didn’t Build A WALL Day”

  1. Sherox


  2. Walter Knight

    To tweak liberals on Columbus Day, I wrote “Lieutenant Columbus” about a time traveling Christopher Columbus rescued by America as a reward for discovering America.

  3. Jeff Wilson

    It would be a good idea to get rid of Columbus Day. Too many innocent native Americans died, as a result of the invasions and depredations of the European.


    “…innocent Native Americans”? Really Jeff, what do you think they were already doing to each other – and had been for thousands of years? Look up the Aztecs.