The ‘Hero Of Kabul’ Announces MANDATES!

Posted September 9th, 2021 by Iron Mike

This man has never read our Constitution – or even understood a single sentence of it…   Right now he wants to distract you from Afghanistan and China, – by creating a domestic legal crisis.
He announced Executive Orders (totally ILLEGAL) to require ALL government employees, contractors, and private employers with over 100 employees to mandate vaccination – or weekly testing.  His other 4 points were so mushed together as to be indistinguishable,  – like his thought process. VIDEO:

Here is Biden back on May 4th – where he was still trying to persuade Americans to get vaccinated.

As of today’s mandates announcement,  – it seems he failed to persuade at least 80 million people.   Could it be that Americans JUST DON’T TRUST this lifelong liar…?

BEWARE:   Once you’ve accepted the notion that GOVERNMENT can mandate you take a SHOT (of anything) ‘for the ‘General Good’…

– – they can mandate any behavior they want…

– including a search of your home for guns,

– or FORCED ABORTIONS for population control,  – as has been going on in Red China for 60 years….

Now your Daily Dose of Democrap Hypocrisy:

Having abandoned Americans and our Allies to their fate in Afghanistan,…

.and claiming that Biden’s vaccine MANDATES is designed to “SAVE LIVES”

The Biden Administration – Attorney General Merrick Garland – is suing the State of Texas to squash their Anti-Abortion Law…

– because Democrap’s chief campaign donor – Planned Parenthood – wants to keep on killing babies FOR PROFIT!

The worst of fictions have become our daily lives and our daily newscasts,  – the deranged and evil zombies are running our government….and they’re planning to kill our children,  – with shots,  – and masks, – and abortions…

3 Responses to “The ‘Hero Of Kabul’ Announces MANDATES!”

  1. Kojack

    I won’t take the jab for the following reasons:

    1. I already had the China virus .
    2. They are pushing it onto classes of people who don’t need it such as children who don’t die from it or even get it unless they have serious underlying conditions and people like me who have the natural antibodies etc and that makes me suspicious.
    3. Dr Robert Malone who developed the mRNA technology they use DOES NOT RECOMMEND IT’S USE IN VACCINES.
    4. The FDA approval was rubber-stamped.
    5. The vaccines are USELESS AGAINST THE VARIANTS.

    “ the deranged and evil zombies are running our government….and they’re planning to kill our children, – with shots, – and masks, – and abortions…”

    They are also killing Americans with Fentanyl, which they allow the CHI-COMMS to smuggle into the country via the drug cartels.

  2. Kojack

    I need to add one more point to my comments above:


  3. Blossom Stiefel

    COVID provided the excuse for the abridgement of our Constitutional rights. Corporate fascism and medical tyranny will keep speeding up until we the people put a stop to it.
    Biden is failing to protect Americans’ public health by ignoring our borders and the rule of law. He is exposing Americans to COVID variants and dozens of other historically eradicated diseases.

    The radical left never stops working to expand the government’s tyranny, and vaccine passports are just the latest phase of their plan. We are protected from government overreach like this by the Constitution. Many lawsuits, rallies, civil disobedience will take place in response to these tyrannical mandates. We must fight these coercive vaccine edicts.