The Headline From Hell – Romney!

Posted September 2nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

The Boston Herald must be bent on keeping Conservatives bound,  gagged,  and stuffed in a locked closet.   Why else would they be touting Romney – after 2012?
GOP Insiders
Mitt Romney is [mostly] a Gentleman, – a keen business strategist,  – and a humble and adoring father and grandfather.  He’s NOT a leader or a commander, – he’s a political PUTZ!

Last time around he was too polite, – too much the ‘gentleman’ to go for the throat in his series of debates with Obama…

Snarly Debate


Candy and JavaHe let himself be BULLIED by Jabba the Hut – aka CNN’s Candy Crowley,  – who clearly sided with Obama during the debate, – correcting Mitt – even when Mitt was RIGHT!


Now the so-called “GOP Insiders” are fearful of a Trump / Carson / Cruz presidency? Their carefully balanced world order – meticulously controlled through campaign contributions and the media – is at risk?

So QUICK! Let’s float the idea of “Mister Reliable Insider”…who will go along with our bullshit, – even if Putin reestablishes the Iron Curtain, – and ISIS reestablishes the Caliphate

“We need our Cheap Mexican Labor!” Damn the crime!

So who would plant a story like this with the Herald?

I smell Chocolate Pants!

Chocolate Pants Ron Kaufman

Giving Romney a second chance to be a mediocre and uninspiring candidate is the BEST POSSIBLE WAY to insure [your pick] – President Clinton / Sanders / Warren / Biden…

ANY one of them can play the populist Santa Claus better than Romney can play the Leader!

Anybody remember Mitts utterly inept remark that the 47% who want government to care for them – and who will vote for Obama no matter what?

Yes,   of course he was RIGHT.   It didn’t matter….

You think for a moment Democrats have forgotten?   

And now,  thanks to Obama – we have over 93,000,000 Americans NOT WORKING…

Democrats will still blame ‘rich factory owners’ for shipping jobs to China.   They will IGNORE the effects of ObamaCare.    Stupid voters will STILL believe them.

How many more times do you want to hear this clip on your TV next year?

Yeah, Herald,  gee, – let’s replay 2012 again…. NOT!

5 Responses to “The Headline From Hell – Romney!”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    MITT represents the weak losers who have handed America to Socialists and have handed Massachusetts to a legion of corrupt liberal extremists

    SIDE NOTE: Has anyone noticed how WRKO has gone almost all liberal, and even the morning show won’t support the Kuhner noon-time show?

  2. MC

    The GOP elites haven’t come to realize that the American people are sick and tired of politicians who are elected and then become lapdogs to the establishment both Democratic and Republican.

    To prove that theory two names come to mind: John & Mitch. Need we say anything more –actually there are many many more but those are the two standouts at the moment.

    ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    EXACTLY MC! Boehner and McConnell were placed in power – in Leadership Positions – by VOTERS who wanted them to stand up to Obama.

    They immediately caved in – becoming RiNOs at best – and accomplices at worst.

    They are both traitors to the voters. They BOTH violated their OATH to our Constitution, – nearly as badly as Pelosi and Reid…

  3. Jim Gettens

    The Boston Herald chooses Wall Street over Main Street and the integrity of these UNITED STATES. Willard Romney is Wall Street’s man to: maintain porous borders and let illegal immigrants flood in as cheap labor for jobs American citizens supposedly no longer want to perform (while simultaneously building the illegal immigrant Democrat voter base); maintain low interest rates so that money is forced into the stock market to create stock valuation bubbles (savers can’t get decent returns in other, traditional savings accounts/certificates); maintain a soft strategic stance on our enemies Commie China and Putinista Thug Russia to ‘encourage trade and investment;’ maintain the healthcare provision/payment scheme disasters known as ObamaCare/RomneyCare; fail to reform any other so-called ‘Entitlements’ as the U.S. on- and off-budget debts exceed
    $100 TRILLION…

    Romney equals death to the United States by millions of cuts and millions of yawns.

    Go Herald Editorial Board!, you stupid F—S.

  4. Kojack

    This just validates how desperate the establishment is to keep non-politicians and non-establishment pols out of the White House. Personally I think that the GOP electorate is done with Romney.

    @Lonnie – I agree with you 100%. The only reason they keep Jeff Kuhner and Howie Carr is because the ratings of both are too good to let go. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a decent radio alternative to WRKO.

    Fox News Channel is also moving to the left. I think News Max TV will be giving them a run for their money if current trends continue.

  5. Ron Motta

    Your article on “70 Years” is a must! It shows the amazing contrast from where we were 70 years ago, and how far (and fast) that we’ve fallen. Yesterday will be seen as a second “DAY OF INFAMY”. Unfortunately, too many are distracted by the nuclear issue.

    Important as it is, the total relaxation of economic issue provides the mullahs with over $100 BILLION in liquid assets which will be used on an immediate basis to kill us…eventually. If they really want nukes, I’m sure that Putin will provide whatever they want with NO phony inspections from the UN.