The HARD Lessons Of Guadagno & Gillespie

Posted November 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Twenty years ago they’d have been shoe-ins.   BOTH are decent people, and moderate Republicans.
In 2018 that will be a LOSING FORMULA!

One year ago today American voters rejected the old order of American Political dynasties and political families.  Trump won because his message went directly to where American Families were feeling the pain,  – and where their politicians had abandoned them.
Hillary and the Bush clan will likely never understand.

The Democrats and their Media Allies are hailing yesterday as a repudiation of Trump by the voters. They’ve gotten it wrong again, – the voters repudiated two spineless RiNOs!

If you plan to run for office in 2018,  start thinking about your MESSAGE and your IMAGE.

EMBRACE TRUMP’S MESSAGE:   You may cringe at some of Trump’s tweets – but understand that his BASIC America-FIRST MESSAGE is well-received across the land. 

Only the liberal globalists on college campuses – elitist twerps who never made or sold a product or signed the front of a paycheck can’t stand our President.

EMBRACE FREE SPEECH:   Abandon and even ridicule the “Political Correctness” currently sweeping college campuses.  Call it out as the fascism that it is.  Be BLUNT!

EMBRACE OUR 2nd AMENDMENT:   If you can’t pull out your NRA Card and your Concealed Carry Card – you’re not a real Republican – you’re a ‘theoretical Republican’ at best,  – and more likely a fucking RiNO Be gone!

EMBRACE AMERICA FIRST:   Globalism has turned too many once-bustling American towns and cities into drug-addicted empty welfare shells

We must get our MANUFACTURING JOBS back from the orient,  – by lowering taxes and making regulations FAVOR industry.

ABANDON THE DEMOCRAT’S RACISM:  Since the days that LBJ envisioned his “Great Society” (i.e. a government-dependent Black Voter Plantation in every American city),  Democrat-run state and local governments have conspired to “keep Blacks in their place” – through sub-standard schools and Planned Murderhood.  Democrats would howl if we were treating livestock this way.

EMBRACE LOWER TAXES and SMALLER GOVERNMENT:   Have a BOLD plan for your area – throw out a HARD NUMBER that voters can understand – how much SMALLER your state & city governments need to be in 4 years,…by attrition and firing low-performing government workers.

If all you’re offering voters by way of a ‘choice’ – is that you’re a nicer personYOU WILL LOSE!

Trump has changed politics;  – voters don’t want “NICE”,  – they want RESULTS!

NAME NAMES:   If you enter a race you need to call out the crooks and the phonies by NAME and by EVIL DEED!   Have proof – and USE IT!

USE or BY-PASS THE PRESS:   Today’s media is simply the Propaganda Ministry of the Democrat Party.  They will work against you EVERY DAMNED DAY!

By-pass them or have your own allies among bloggers, talk-show hosts, and celebrities.

Find somebody to do the dirty work of mocking your opponent,  – and expect they will be mocking you….

EMBRACE THE HARD ISSUES:   Oppose the Murder of Babies at Planned Murderhood. Support the Wall,  the Death Penalty (at least for the murder of LEOs),  and DEPORTATION of ILLEGALS!

If you can’t do that – with powerful words spoken with real passion,…then you really don’t belong in the Modern Republican Party.

If you plan to pussyfoot around the “sensitive issues”  – and avoid the tough debates,  then you’re just a 1960s RiNO.  The Trump Voters will reject you,  – or worse,….they’ll stay home and all the Republicans on your ticket will lose.   JUST GO AWAY!

3 Responses to “The HARD Lessons Of Guadagno & Gillespie”

  1. Mt Woman

    I did not follow too closely the Virginia campaigns, but was saddened to see that Gillespie lost by so much in a race that seemed to be closing in the final days. However, in listening to pundits talk today, it seems that while Gillespie tried to draw distinctions between he and Trump, Northam discussed how he would support the President and his ideas. If this is the message that was heard by the voters from the more rural areas that brought Trump into office just one year ago, why would they support Gillespie when they had Northam, the Lt Governor to promote upward.

  2. Kojack

    There is another factor at work in VA and NJ.

    VA is suffering from the same malady as NH.

    In NH it is caused by the massholes moving up there to escape the political cesspool they created down here and then vote to create a new cesspool. In VA it’s gov’t workers who want to keep their DC gravy train taxpayers be damned. Northern VA is within commuting distance of DC.

    NJ is a DEMOCRAP state anyway. The Christie administration was an anomaly that imploded the way Scott Brown did in MA.

    And then there is the support from dead people, illegal aliens and felons, who always vote for DEMOCRAPS.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    I used to tremble at the thought of Republican voters staying away from polls simply because they didn’t like the Republican candidate, thinking even a terrible Republican was exponentially better than a terrific Democrat (of which there are none anyway….), but I’ve “evolved”….

    Not electing a RINO, especially by a wide margin, is precisely the course of action to take as it sends the message that the RINO message doesn’t sell and that they should reconsider running in the first place. Suffering some short term losses to get the RINOs out of the way is acceptable collateral damage.

    As for the Democrat successes on Tuesday, don’t sweat it. VA and NJ are both blue states. Northern VA especially is populated by people suckling the teats of the District of Corruption, and Christie in NJ was an anomaly to begin with. But watch out NJ-ites, Murphy’s going to raise your taxes. Gotta pay the piper, now… As for NYC, they’ve lost their minds. Giuliani cleaned up Times Square, but has anyone visited lately and seen the mostly naked, body-painted women parading around like Disney cast, selling photo ops (No wonder Islamists think we’re an immoral society….), or the filthy, decaying streets and sidewalks?

    The bright side of Tuesday’s election was the Republican congressional landslide for a replacement for Jason Chaffetz. Granted, Utah’s as red a state as VA, NJ and NYC are blue, but Chaffetz will be the next governor, too….