The Growing Price Of AA/EEO In Masshole

Posted March 22nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

The Commonwealth has been obsessed with skin color ratios for at least 4 decades.  Color MATTERED!  Credentials, competence,  and character?   Not so much…

The incompetence,  the cover-up,  and the lying UNDER OATH went on for years before questions were asked,  and lab chemist Dookhan resigned,  – lied to investigators,  – and eventually served just 2½ years.  Of course it’s the TAXPAYERS who really pay.

It was back in 2008 when Governor Deval Patrick renamed the State Drug Lab for the Black physician William A. Hinton – who had invented a qucik, safe, and inexpensive test for syphilis.

He placed another Black physician in charge – the unimpressive fat midget JudyAnn Bigby.

Bigby was a BLACK – WOMAN – DOCTOR,  – and THAT was all Patrick cared about,  – that and the photo-op. He was going to be President one day….

If she had the smarts or the energy to walk around her lab and actually supervise,…Patrick didn’t give a damn….

.until 2011,  when chemist Annie Dookhan’s work came into question.

Her reports were used to convict thousands.  She had testified (lied) personally in hundreds of cases….

And MOST of the people convicted – rotting in jail – were POOR,  or BLACK,  – and most likely BOTH POOR and BLACK!


The Boston-area media tried to downplay the story.   It went against the political narrative.

AA/EEO was God’s 11th Commandment!!!

Dookhan went to prison,  – and Deval Patrick seems to have given up on ever being President….

Judge Carol S. Ball   “Innocent persons were incarcerated,  guilty persons have been released to further endanger the public, millions and millions of public dollars are being expended to deal with the chaos Ms. Dookhan created,  and the integrity of the criminal justice system has been shaken to the core.”

Dookhan’s problems began at a mediocre college Regis College (2 years) before she transferred to UMass Boston, – graduating with a BS in 2001.   Did AA/EEO get her through college?   

Her dishonesty and ambition began early;  she claimed to have a Master’s,  and to be attending PhD courses at Harvard….

She was in over her head at the Drug Lab – but false pride wouldn’t allow her to admit it.  And the State Paycheck was good;  so she faked tests – and lied under oath,  sending people to prison.

Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins is a George Soros-funded “Reconstructive Justice” DA,  – one of dozens he funded across the country,  – to sow chaos into American cities by letting Black and Hispanic criminals skate.

In this instance – she has little choice;  – the evidence was tainted – so the innocent must be cleared along with the guilty.

When the career drug addicts and pushers are arrested again – it will on paper be their “First Offense Your Honor”….

Now wait for the Parade of Plaintiffs’ Lawyers bringing their Wrongful Conviction lawsuits.  Masshole Taxpayers are going to PAY!

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