The Government We Deserve?

Posted September 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Mild, sunny, breezy, yesterday could not have been more perfect for an Election Day.  The winners have a day to remember.  The losers will live with the irony.  Citizens and their children will live with the results.

The results were mixed across the Commonwealth – in some races worthy candidates won.  But in far too many cases Mass voters continued their generations-old infatuation with conspicuously flawed contestants.  The legacies of Tip O’Neill, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry live on – both on TV [American Idol/ Survivor] and in the voting booth.

Here in the Mass 5th Niki Tsongas went to bed [in Charlestown] reasonably assured of a “no sweat” reelection campaign, and another two-year term as our Socialist Congresswoman.  Voter spurned three totally qualified conservative Constitutional Republicans to “Select the guy with the DUI”.  In fact – some of them made it an internet slogan.  Jon Golnik can relish his 38% plurality and for a few days ignore reality: 62% of the voters did not want him.

Jon Golnik fails the first standard set by our founders; he is not a man of good character.  He is no more worthy of a seat in Congress than is our oath-ignoring socialist – Niki Tsongas.

In a number of our towns RTC leaders are congratulating themselves for being smart enough to “have picked a winner”.  I am at once stunned and dismayed at the message this sends our young people – that the serial non-voter, serial liar, serial blame-caster – “the guy with the DUI”  – who so obviously struggled to verbalize Republican, Conservative or even constitutional positions – was seen by so many as “electable”.

There was a moment of revelation yesterday as the sun was setting over Shirley, and the party faithful were folding their tents early because voters were not coming to vote.  It was simply that for forty-plus years “progressive” school teachers – aided and abetted by the press and entertainment industry – have done an awesome job of dumbing down our collective sense of civic responsibility and civic duty.

These days only a handful of citizens care about politics, follow the news, or will bother to come and vote.  The majority are simply willing to live with whatever government comes into power.  Thus a non-voting candidate is easily identifiable as “just like me”.  A DUI with drugs?  “Doesn’t matter – could have as easily been me!

Now our Massachusetts media and the political establishments have the kind of contest they are intimately familiar with – one they know how to control Tsongas the unworthy empty-headed socialist sock-puppet – vs – Golnik, the serial non-voting, lying, blame caster with the DUI.

Tsongas – who is really a Pelosi sock puppet, cannot explain her votes or her positions without MoveON notes in her hands.

Golnik – cannot articulate Republican or Conservative positions beyond spouting buzzwords and clichés.

The parties now have totally controllable stand-ins.

And a full 90% of the Citizens won’t notice or care – 20% of them because they’re like “Old Golnik” – not even registered to vote.  Thus we get the government we deserve.  Those few who are willing to enter the cauldron will likely emerge as rulers of the masses.  Ethics, scruples, integrity, and intelligence no longer matter.  Voters merely want rulers I mean candidates they can relate to.

I must give credit:  Golnik and his crew mounted an effective and thorough campaign.  $100K of family money helps a great deal.  Advertising on the net was viral.  Signs were everywhere.  Mailings and robo-calls were frequent and routine.  Issues were thoroughly and entirely ignored.  Image was packaged  and sold – and sold again.  It worked – the few who were paying attention bought the image of “electability”.

But for good measure there were the dirty tricks.  The old standards of pulling up campaign signs, writing bogus letters, spreading rumors of Sam having a previous marriage and child on the West Coast,  – of not being Cambodian,  of coming from a wealthy Indian family…we saw it all.

When Golnik’s non-voting record came to light they brushed it off and counterattacked.  I became the target.  “Mike, why are you trying to tear down our candidate?  He’s our only chance!”   Trying to reason with emotions like that was nearly as impossible as telling a MoonBat that the government doesn’t make jobs.

Yesterday afternoon late I learned how truly dirty some of their tricks were.  It seems they weren’t content to post misleading comments on the Lowell Sun and Eagle Tribune.  Somebody seems to have created a flyer that looks like my work.  They distributed it in mailboxes in Carlisle.  The mailbox thing is a felony.  [You can hang or tape stuff on the outside – opening or putting something inside is a crime.]

So when I arrived in Carlisle yesterday morning I was amazed that an old friend SusanD was so very furious with me.  I didn’t learn about the cause until vic 4 PM in Shirley when another old friend KevinH mentioned it.  Suddenly Susan’s fury made sense.  I have not seen this thing – but am told that in it I accuse Golnik of doing something bad with a teenage girl – kind of a takeoff on the Michael Kennedy babysitter scandal. How sick, worried, warped, or desperate are you to resort to this kind of stuff in a 4-way primary race?

To SusanD and the rest of Carlisle – I can only offer sympathy and the assurance that it wasn’t me.  That came from the winner’s machine.  I think over time you’ll catalogue it under yet another occurrence of playing the victim and demanding sympathy.

AFTERTHOUGHT:  Sept 17th With some sleep and a slightly clearer head – it dawned on me how utterly impossible it would have been for me to pull of this dirty trick.  My Envoy is HIGHLY recognizable – with on the back windshield, military insignia, and until Wednesday – a huge Sam picture on the left rear window.  If it had been me, somebody driving, jogging, walking a dog – would have spotted me.  Plus this would have to be a two-person operation – unless somebody had access to a mail truck or a European Land Rover.
If somebody has one of those leaflets – please send it to me at PO Box 3003 in Acton.  Maybe the PO investigators can find fingerprints on it.


I’m just speculating here – but I’m an old guy and I’ve been watching politics for over 50 years.  Here is what I think went down – in the large scale.

When Sam Meas announced last year – amid the anger of the TEA Parties and the Bailouts and ObamaCare,  a chill ran through Democratic circles and down Tsongas’s [spine?]. Already the folks at the town halls were in her face – red with anger.

The Dems needed a fall-back position – they needed a reliable liberal vote sitting in the Mass 5th seat – even if it wasn’t Niki.

–   I ~ think ~ they found Golnik.  He could “pass for Republican” in Massachusetts, and he didn’t have to know too much about the issues, because Mass voters don’t care about issues – just image.

–   They figured he’d lose to Niki.  But even if he won they’d still have a useful idiot sitting in that seat.  I wonder if they did a thorough background check on him before secretly backing him?  I kind of doubt it.  I think they were as stunned as the Republicans to find out about his non-voting and DUI.  But you know they’ve got a file on him now!

–   During the campaign I believe they conducted a series of polls.  When they saw Sam winning – they launched their dirty tricks, and made sure they had enough of their own Unenrolled Dems available to swing the vote.

So even with the stealth democrats voting for him, Golnik wins only a 38% plurality – hardly a resounding or reassuring primary victory.


Several Republicans asked me last night and this morning if I will now close ranks and support Golnik.  My best answer is I’m not sure I can hold my nose that hard or that long.

Perhaps all political candidates are flawed.  Must we teach our kids to expect that, accept that, and vote for the “least worst”?  Is that the standard the Founders fought a long bloody revolution for – for the least worst?  I’ve been there when free men were dying for their country.  Those memories have never faded.  I have a lot of thinking to do.  And I need sleep.

I do know that for a few brief months I have been associated with some of the best people and most patriotic citizens I’ve ever known.  I am very proud of Sam – and what he represents as the living embodiment of the American Dream.  He and his wife were a study in grace, courage, and poise last night as the bad news came in.

Tom Weaver stopped in, he and Sam shared the microphone for a few minutes. I saw two great young Americans enjoying each other’s company and friendship.  Our fight continues.  We must help our Republican Party find its long-lost soul.

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

5 Responses to “The Government We Deserve?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Iron Mike,

    Fabulous article it brought tears to my eyes and I weep for the constituents of the 5th because they cast aside a golden opportunity to win back their seat.

  2. George J. Stamas


    You can take solace in the fact that few people worked as hard for Sam, a deserving candidate, as you did and if Jon’s character is such that he conducted his campaign in the way that you have outlined in recent aticles, then it won’t be too long before he betray’s the public trust and slips up in a big way and when he does we’ll be waiting.

    He’s got to know we’ll be watching him closely and maybe just maybe by the remotest outside possibility he’ll do right by us if he beats Nikki, our freindly neigborhood socialist moon-bat.

  3. Ralph Zazula


    Thank you for your support of the Constitution as you have displayed in your support of Sam Meas. Thank you also for the kind mentions of Tom Weaver during the campaign. He is always being Tom, the same way that Sam is always being Sam.

    I would hope that much of your observations are wrong, but I fear that far too many are accurate. I hope time will prove us wrong on the bad things, as I hope always for the best for all people, the country, and to the Constitution we are all sworn to defend, to protect and to give our allegiance.

    We all are the new civics teachers and our politicians remain the best teaching lessons available. Teach our children well.

    Not living in the 5th I will not be able to vote against Niki Tsongas, but I will support Jon’s campaign and encourage others to do the same. I will admit that I am not optimistic of a conservative victory in November for this race. In Massachusetts we learn to handle seeing our desires go unfulfilled and yet to remain in the fight, ready to do battle the next time.

    Again, thank you sir. I would march into battle with you anytime!

  4. Sue Anganes

    “I am very proud of Sam – and what he represents as the living embodiment of the American Dream. He and his wife were a study in grace, courage, and poise last night as the bad news came in.”

    I was there also. I think Sam is a remarkable man and will return to the political arena with experience and wisdom under his belt.

  5. Lonnie Brennan

    “My best answer is I’m not sure I can hold my nose that hard or that long.”

    Love it. Niki is the most arrogant witch I have ever met, with perhaps as an exception, Rep. ‘Taxes’ L’Italien. With that said, it’s near impossible to support a DUI druggie. Perhaps best to focus one’s energies eleswhere.