The Glory Days Of The Clinton Presidency

Posted January 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

My how TIME flies!   It’s been 20 years since Matt Drudge broke the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.

With Democrats threatening a government shutdown over DACA,  – they ~ might ~ remember how the Lewinsky scandal started,…and how Bill’s lying,  – even in the face of his DNA on the dress,  – led to his impeachment
Proud moments in Democrat History!

2 Responses to “The Glory Days Of The Clinton Presidency”

  1. Catherine

    Slick Willy never called Haiti a sh1thole, true. He just sh1t all over them, himself. With help from his self-proclaimed “co-president.”

    How utterly despicable, to steal money donated for charitable relief. Buy hey, he did not use a potty mouth term!

  2. Kojack

    I guess if your going to sell out your country to the CHICOMS for a campaign contribution you could rip-off a charity with no problem…..but he didn’t use any foul language.