The Ghost Of Hillary’s Egyptian Money

Posted April 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Just imagine – you’ve got a great job working for the Clintons; – – then just two years later – you get sent to prison – FOR LIFE!
Ask Hillary Clinton

Would you feel abandoned and betrayed?  What about all that
Egyptian aid money you sent to the Clinton Global InitiativeAnother sucker bites the dust!

Following the twisted, winding footprints of the Clintons is no easy task. That’s precisely why most Democrats give you a blank stare…

STEP 1:  June 2009 – Obama goes to Cairo Egypt and gives a speech.  It is a signal to the Muslim Brotherhood movement that he’s on their side against the sitting rulers.

STEP 2:  December 2010 – the so-called “Arab Spring” breaks out starting in Tunisia and moving East across Libya into Egypt. The crowds think they’re acting for liberty and jobs – but they’re being used by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Step 3:  February 2011 – longtime American friend and ally Hosni Mubarak steps down as President of Egypt; – gets tossed into jail.

NOTE:   20 Oct 2011 – – Muammar Qaddafi is finally overthrown and killed in Libya – that country quickly descends into a 3-way civil war… It seems that Obama & Hillary have no plans for what comes next….

Step 4:  June 2012 – by just 51.4% Mohammed Morsi – the Muslim Brotherhood candidate – wins election as Egypt’s new President. Hillary starts a series of visits. Morsi grants himself ‘unlimited power to protect the nation’…

NOTE:  11 September 2012 – Muslim Brotherhood [ISIS] members raid the American compound in Benghazi, Libya – where Hillary’s people have been collecting Qaddafi’s weapons to smuggle them into Syria.

Tuesday, November 6th 2012:   Stupid American voters ignore the obvious treason embodied in Benghazi – and re-elect Barack Obama.  America and the Arab world is screwed!

Average young Egyptians – who ~ thought ~ they’d protested and brought down the Mubarak government – for freedom and jobs – began to take to the streets again.  At first the Army acted to suppress their uprising….

Step 5:  by early June 2014 the Army had seen enough of Morsi;  – there was a gentle coup led by General al-Sisi.  Morsi was arrested.  He has just been sentenced to 20 years…..

Gehad el-Haddad arrested



During that brief reign of ‘King Morsi’ – Hillary made several official visits. The purpose of these visits was unclear, – except that aid the US had withheld from Mubarak was finally released,…some of it….

And THAT’S where I see Hillary twisting the arm of newly / barely elected Morsi – for a piece of the action. 

And it’s precisely where young Muslim Brotherhood activist Gehad el-Haddad gets himself entwined in Hillary’s web of death….

Hard to believe he wasn’t helping US Aid money find it’s way into the Clinton Global Initiative bank accounts….

Clinton Global Initiative w faces

Egyptians aren’t all stupid. Many have seen through Hillary and Obama – and made it clear that she’s not welcome any more.

Well, I’m sure Hillary could PROVE she’s innocent – if only she hadn’t erased that email server back in Chappaqua.

Hey, ~ maybe ~ she can get Muslim Brotherhood activist Huma Abedin to testify for her…? We can all believe Huma,  – right?  Anthony Weiner’s bride?

Huma Abedin  poor Gehad

IVince and Hillary cannot begin to imagine the horror of facing life in an Egyptian prison.

Gehad needs to find someone to tell his story to – before he gets Arkancided….

People who know too much about the Clintons tend to turn up dead…. Right Vince?

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