The ‘Gang Of 8’ Bill Should Die

Posted April 28th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Chris Crane explains – in a voice and tone far calmer than I could muster – what is wrong with the bill – and with the attitudes of the ‘Gang of Eight’.

Former Marine Crane is an ICE officer – and ICE Union President.

GANG-of-EIGHT:   Marco Rubio (R)FL, John McCain (RiNO)AZ, Lindsay Graham (RiNO)SC, Jeff Flake (R)AZ, Chuck Schumer (D**)NY, Robert Menendez (D*)NJ, Michael Bennet (D*)CO, Dick Durbin (D**)IL || * Socialist ; ** Overtly Socialist

3 Responses to “The ‘Gang Of 8’ Bill Should Die”

  1. Tom

    The “Gang of Eight” Immigration Bill is nothing more than a sell out to the Democrats. The numbers vary between 11 and 30 million that will be on the path to citizenship and the ultimate death of the Republican Party. The gravy train will expand logorithmically, the national debt will do likewise and we will become nothing more than a third world nation.

  2. MC

    Total agreement Tom. Another “you have to pass it to know what is in it” bill.

    Often wonder what “dirt” Zero and his gang of Merry Men have dug up on all these characters, because they all can’t be this stupid. Can they?

  3. Casey Chapman

    Obama and his minions WANT us to be a 3rd world nation. Look what they are trying to do to the 2nd amendment. Holder calls the path to citizenship a “civil right” for illegal aliens. They’ll be on jury duty soon as well as on Obamacare and foodstamps.