The Gang Doing Obama’s Heavy Lifting

Posted December 1st, 2012 by Iron Mike

The ‘Gang of Six‘ – über-liberal progressives [aka Communists] propose even broader more-sweeping tax planson YOU!

Schakowsky IL 9th, Ellison MN 5th, Conyers MI 14th, Grijalva AZ 3rd, Honda CA 17th, Lee CA 13th

By now you know the pattern; Obama talks – but NEVER sends a bill to Congress.  He lets willing useful idiots do his hard work and heavy lifting.

Now six lifetime ‘Progressives’ [communists] are poised to rip into our so-called ‘middle class’ – and do it with a vengeance.

Never let a [manufactured] crisis go to waste!” 

Using the mythology and the scare tactics of the Fiscal Cliff – these six progressives have started a lobbying and ground swell campaign for even MORE taxes – on the rich of course – but also on the so-called ‘Middle Class’.

It’s all cloaked in ‘fairness‘ and ‘responsible corporate behavior‘ and ‘protecting the poor – as part of a global system‘.  That line should give you the creeps!

Whatever you own, – whatever you’ve earned with your own sweat and your own investment – they feel the government can come and take.

I wonder where they got those notions?

These self-appointed world pioneers are clearly part of the real threat to our Constitution, and to any notion of private property.  They see themselves as the  founding members of the new Amerikan Politburo. 

   Meet your new Kommissars:

Jan Schakowsky (D)Il 9th Evanston, Il / North Chicago suburbs – first elected 1998.  Husband convicted of 16 counts of check kiting and bank fraud in 2005She was a Blago finalist to replace Obama as US Senator.  Has joined Communists in political gatherings, marches, and the Occupy movement.

Keith Ellison (D*)MN 5th Minneapolis an attorney and Sunni Muslim – first elected 2006 [sworn in on the Koran].  A history of driving on suspended licences and failing to pay taxes. *Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party…

John Conyers (D)MI 14th Detroit – Dearborn, a Korean War veteran, attorney, and early Civil Rights marcher [w/ MLK in Selma] first elected in 1964.  Wife Monica – Detroit City Counsel-woman – serving 37 months for bribery. Always pro-Muslim

Raúl Grijalva (D)(C)AZ 3rd Nogales-Tucson-Yuma-Phoenix and 275 miles of Mexican Border.  First elected in in 2002 – has been an über-liberal from the start – a member of La Raza – believes in open immigration – blamed Sara Palin for the Gabby Giffords shooting.

Mike Makoto Honda (D)CA 17th Monterey-south – First elected in 2000, Mike spent his early childhood in a Japanese internment camp in Colorado.  Always very liberal, after 9/11 he became outspokenly pro-Muslim.

Barbara Lee (D)CA 13th Oakland-Stockton [bankrupt city] takes over from Pete Stark [stark raving mad].  First elected in 1998 after Ron Dellums became Mayor of Oakland. In college she worked for Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers.

Folks, these duly-elected US Representatives do not represent the America you grew up in. 

They represent the politics of envy, jealousy, revenge, and class and race warfare which has been slowly growing here since the days of Woodrow Wilson and FDR.  These six, and their cohorts – pay only proforma lip service to their sworn oaths to Uphold, Protect, and Defend the Constitution…”.

What they WILL do – is BETRAY YOU – and your CHILDREN – for their elitist mystical dream of a Socialist Utopian Nirvana – one that practical folks and historians agree can never exist. 

They are willing to bring our country to its knees to make it happen.

??  ?  ?  ?

QUESTION: Will the critter YOU just elected / re-elected to the 113th Congress be inclined to stand up to them or go along with them?

One Response to “The Gang Doing Obama’s Heavy Lifting”

  1. Tom

    I know that my critter, Comrade in training, Niki Tsongas will join them if she instructed by the Minority Leader Ms Nancy Pelosi or by himself and with a little help from their comrades in the media and a few cowering RiNOs we will be screwed.