The Footfalls Of Hillary’s Comeuppance

Posted March 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the scenario of Bryan Pagliano’s immunity deal,  – and why Hillary hears footsteps in the hallways. “…her legal woes are magnified!”
Pagliano to Grand Jury
He expects an indictment by mid-May….explains the process in a 4-minute video.

Before you click to watch, ponder for a moment the career of arrogance and privilege Hillary has displayed to the American and World public,  – and to inquiring Senators and Congressmen over the years….

…ponder her disdain for laws,  – as if they were ‘written only for the little people’….

…ponder the millions of dollar$ she strong-armed from foreign rulers,  foreign businesses,  and from wealthy Americans and businesses,…all with the promise that someday she would be President and in position to repay by awarding grand favors…

…ponder her brazen arrogance and air of entitlement as she campaigns, – as if she is the rightful heir to the throne….

Hillary smug


And now ponder that the loose thread which is unraveling it all – is a computer specialist she thought she had totally charmed and secure under her wing….

Vince Foster Bryan Pagliano


Remember Folks,….the secrets she essentially let foreign powers have,….by having them on an unsecured private computer and by transmitting by unsecured private emails,…put people’s lives at risk,….and undoubtedly some spies and agents were executed because of her leaks.

And WHY did she use a PRIVATE COMPUTER?

Because she intended to commit criminal acts;  – she intended to strong-arm money from foreign donors,  – and she thought that her “PRIVATE” computer and emails couldn’t be gotten by some future FOIA Request [Freedom of Information Act Request]. 

That is called premeditation!

Article III, § 3:   Treason against the United States,  shall consist only in levying war against them,  or in adhering to their enemies,  giving them aid and comfort.

4 Responses to “The Footfalls Of Hillary’s Comeuppance”

  1. Varvara

    Judge Napolitano for the Supreme Court!

  2. panther6

    AMEN on Judge N and Hill Babe for JAIL. She is guilty as sin and any of us doing what she did would already be in an orange jump suit.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Had these security violations occurred in the private sector, not only would the violator be immediately arrested, but the company for whom the violator was employed would be seriously sanctioned and could very well loose their security clearance and the termination of existing contracts.

  4. William Clark

    A new legal term form Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, that there may be “reasonable suspicion” that Clinton staff “may” have tried to undermine record-keeping rules.

    “Mrs. Clinton’s is not being sought and might not be needed,but then, eventually it might be,” Fitton said. “To be clear, we’re not asking for Mrs. Clinton [to answer questions now], but it might be required eventually.”

    Sounds like a firm legal argument.


    You really can’t get it through your head Willie, – that your “Gal” is dirty? She has blood on her hands all the way from Arkansas, – including Vince Foster, Rwanda, Egypt, Benghazi, Iraq,…the list goes on.

    Google: Arkancide….

    Are you really just another cult worshiper…?