The First Refuge Of A Lying Democrat….

Posted January 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

…is to call somebody telling the T-R-U-T-H‘a racist’….

It seems I’ve
TRIGGERED the slimiest Democrat (socialist) in the Commonwealth.   Folks,…it’s validation!   I must be doing something right!  Some background:


By some ungodly bad luck and evil advice, years ago my kid got JamieBoy’s mother Betsy as his kindergarten teacher.  She was awful.   BEYOND awful!   A bully!

Why can’t those boys sit quietly and color like my JamieBoy…?”

A few years later I had to REALLY control myself when then state rep JamieBoy addressed the Memorial Day Parade in Boxborough and told the kids “…that our Constitution gave them…Freedom FROM Religion”.  

I couldn’t hit him – I was in uniform.

Time went by and our paths began to cross on a more regular basis, – public events and elections.  He used to show up on election day with escorts (hookers) who he’d introduce as ‘his fiancée‘.

The second year he did – and I noticed it was a different girl from 2 years ago,  – so I got her aside and asked her about it:

“$500.oo for the day,…j-u-s-t kissing,…no sex!”

Suspicions confirmed,…JamieBoy is in the closet….

Then came the bitterly cold special election day in January 2010 when Scott Brown was running against Martha Coakley.   I spent 14 hours at the polls that day….

…and toward 4 PM JamieBoy showed up with yet another ‘fiancée‘,  – this one with a short coat over a short skirt – and high heels…in the snow….

And after a few minutes he ducked in, voted,…and reappeared, – only to jump into his mother’s van and be driven home.

Folks,…I could hardly contain myself….but I am a gentleman….

So I approached this fiancée and asked her if she knew Jamie had just departed….

The freezing girl was nearly in tears,… “How will I get back to Boston?”

Don’t you have his cell phone number…?”


Fiancée?  I wondered if she was getting a cold weather bonus?

So I had the extreme pleasure of escorting her inside and asking the local Democrat Chair-lady if SHE had JamieBoy’s cell number…. “Of course!”

And in 15 minutes JamieBoy reappeared for his lost and forgotten love….

Any wonder why JamieBoy hates me….?


Acton is totally ruled by spend-everything Progressives – who are determined to cut down our trees,  put in polished granite curbs,  and fancy sidewalks.  Last month at yet another Special Town Meeting I rose to speak against yet another sidewalk item…..

I said (words to the effect) we’d be better off spending money to educate the roughly 25% of our townspeople who are of Asian background,…

…because I see them walking – in dark clothingeven at night – on many of our roads – even Route 27 (Main Street) on the wrong side of the road…

– and I don’t want to hit them.

Of course the assembled LibTurds all gasped.

I’d said “Asian”…


JamieBoy has tried to fling that back in my face, – as if my not wanting to hit an immigrant pedestrian was ‘Racist’.

So how about it JamieBoy,…is it OK to hit an Asian immigrant pedestrian in the dark, – possibly knock him down or run over him,…so long as you don’t refer to him as an Asian?



Ask the ‘bachelor’ senator if he will sponsor a bill to help Asian immigrants understand why we want them walking FACING the oncoming traffic….

He sponsored a bill to make Massachusetts a ‘Sanctuary State‘…

You see, JamieBoy’s life has changed in recent weeks….

His Gay Senate President Stan Rosenberg has had to step aside,  – and the Acting Senate President – Harriette Chandler,  is an evil witch very much like his mother Betsy.

And Stan’s ‘office’ is now a dungeon in the basement…. No more special deals of our JamieBoy…who had so BADLY wanted to run for the Tsilent Tsongas seat in Congress,  – until his betters told him to sit down.

Yeah,…JamieBoy is an economics wizard!

6 Responses to “The First Refuge Of A Lying Democrat….”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Any idea how many senators are homosexuals?
    I’ve seen that same trick (the girlfriend who shows up at one or two events, never to be seen from again) from Sen. Bruce Tarr. I mean, we like Bruce, he’s a comfort to the Democrats and all, but he’s a nice guy, a very nice guy.


    Frankly Lonnie, – I don’t give a rat’s ass who or how many are gay. I DO CARE when they’re dishonest about it – like hiring hookers as fiancées…

    I DO CARE when gays like JamieBoy spends the MAJORITY of his time on GAY ISSUES – while driving jobs out of the district,….and otherwise being an ASSHOLE.

    He’s all over illegals Mexicans and illegal Muslims, government unions, and anti-gun laws, and anti-Trump, – but NOWHERE does he give a damn about working middle-class families.

  2. Catherine

    And he certainly doesn’t give a dingleberry about elderly Asian pedestrians in his own town.

    Obviously, HE is the RACIST – since the dhimmicrats always use self-identifiers as flails to attack thinking people.

  3. Vic

    Mike, is Jamie Boy using tax $$ to rent his “fiancees”?


    THAT Sir – would be an excellent question to ask him when you call his office!

  4. John Pagel

    Drive on Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AIRBORNE

  5. Asusue

    Jamie needs to go. And has needed to go for a long time. It is curious about your sidewalk comment. When we lived there I always used to comment about the walking on the wrong side of the roads. Very scary to come driving around the corner on Parker Street and, whoops, there they are. I guess it must be a cultural thing. But dangerous.

  6. Jim

    What a dialog! He has little in common with his constituents. He’s one of the reasons we finally left the Commonwealth. He and his fellow commies ruined one of the founding states of our sweet nation. That he gets re-elected is a sign of how much our country has descended from its former greatness. The only thing to bolster us recently is that Trump is making America great again. In spite of the Jamies of the world.