The FBI’s Cover-Up And Frame-Up

Posted January 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Joe DiGenova wraps up the “Russian Collusion” scandal in 31 concise minutes,  connecting the dots in a way that’s easy to understand.   It is the sad tale of Clinton Democrats betraying their OATHS and weaponizing the FBI and the DOJ to elect their “Queen”.

You may also hear some new names….some of the behind-the-scenes dirty players.

Grab a beverage,  and be prepared to take notes:

2 Responses to “The FBI’s Cover-Up And Frame-Up”

  1. Catherine

    Watched this last night when Bill Still posted it on YouTube. Excellent analysis. And so great to find a sharp legal mind who can speak normal English in his explanations, too!

  2. John "Ben" Beninati

    This is stuff that movies are made but in real time a fabrication of a story
    that could have change history and ruined our way of life and at the expense
    of an unknowing public.What a waste of taxpayers money.
    We have to thank Mr. DiGenova and Senator Nunez.