The Fake Republicans Stab Trump

Posted January 31st, 2020 by Iron Mike

The Senate was voting late Friday on whether to call witnesses in the Trump Hoax Impeachment Trial.

Sadly,…predictably,…Susan Collins (the retard from Maine), and Willard – the ever-vengeful back-stabber from Utah (by way of Boston) voted with the other 47 Democrats to call witnesses.  Despite these traitors,  the vote FAILED 51-49.  No witnesses.
Willard has an enormous ego.  Count on him running for President in 2024!  Meanwhile,  he’ll be stabbing at Trump every chance he gets.

4 Responses to “The Fake Republicans Stab Trump”

  1. Jim Buba

    Thank God! Now they have no clothes.

  2. panther 6

    Jim Buba is right. These two RINOs have revealed their true colors and I only hope the voters in UTAH and MAINE are watching. There was a day when I thought Romney was a pretty good guy,,,I was wrong.

    Don’t let the hair gel and the fake smile fool you Sir!

    Willard has ALWAYS been ALL ABOUT WILLARD!

    In 2006 he was so full of himself he departed Massachusetts after his 1st term as Governor – to start his 2008 Presidential Campaign (lost to McCain). He left his RiNO LtGov Muffy to run against Deval Patrick. Small Deval beat her easily (Romney didn’t even return to campaign for her…).

  3. Clinton ma Tea party

    I feel that both Romney and Collins need to be thrown out of the Republican party. Also Romney advisor Ron Kaufman needs to be thrown out also and replaced as treasure of the GOP. Romney niece Ronna Romney needs to be removed as head of the GOP. Its time to clean the GOP once and for all. Here in Massachusetts the Gop needs to be cleaned out of the fake Trumpers and Rinos starting with Lyons. It is way overdue.


    Actually Cliff,

    Ronna Romney McDaniel has been breaking ALL RECORDS for off-year fundraising. She appears to be a STRONG Trump supporter.

    You still can’t get it through your head that Kaufman (a true rat bastard) is the MassGOP National Committeeman?

    The MassGOP Treasurer (per their website) is Brent Andersen…

    These issues and positions are confusing for many people; – your continual supply of misinformation is not helpful.

  4. Clinton ma Tea party