Her agency failed to track and prevent the Christmas Day terrorist in Detroit.  He was on the list but they ignored it.

That’s bad enough.  But, her recent major failure this past weekend beats it by a long shot.  If the Muslim terrorist had not been so inept, the explosion would have killed and injured many, many people in Times Sq.  Nappy’s agency failed to know that this guy even existed.  Even though he was a new citizen, had just completed a five month trip to Paki.  He wasn’t on anyone’s list.  So, he bought a car in a shopping center parking lot.  With cash.  No one noticed.  He bought the raw materials for his “car bomb” and still no one noticed.  He researched the bomb’s construction (after his five month training program in Paki).  And no one noticed.  He built the bomb and drove it in to the city.  He parked it in Time Sq. with the engine running and the flashers on.  Finally someone noticed.  Not a beat cop.  Not a meter maid.  Not any government official.  A street vendor – who is also a Vietnam Vet – noticed the anomaly and called a cop. 

The cops disabled the failed bomb.  They hauled the car away.  They inspected the car and discovered that the VIN had been filed off.  Except that it’s not in just one place.  Another example of ineptitude by our friend, the Muslim terrorist.  Except the police had us looking for a 40 year old white man who changed his shirt in the street adjacent to Times Sq.  The mayor of NYC was telling us that is was most likely a radical right wing extremist angry about the health care bill. 

That’s how far we’ve come in our fear of these terrorists.  We’d prefer to blame law-abiding citizens than go with the percentages and figure it just might be a Moslem extremist.  We’d prefer to think it’s anything BUT what it really was.

So, the police finally talked to the woman who sold our friend, the terrorist, the car.  For cash.  In a shopping center parking lot.  She identified him from a book of mug shots.  Now they had his name.  Smartly they added his name to the no-fly list.  Ah, but to no avail.   He used another car, went to JFK, bought a one-way ticket to Dubai on Emirates Airlines, with cash, got a boarding pass, went through airport security and got on the plane.  No one noticed.  Well, almost.  Someone finally (after the plane had already taxied away from the gate) discovered the name and called the plane back.  They took our friend, the terrorist, off the plane with three other passengers.  The released two of these… and held the other two.  So far we haven’t heard anything about this second person.

Now, our friend, the terrorist, is singing loudly about his “lone” experience with the bomb.  I guess when he went to bomb-making school in Paki he missed the lessons on the Miranda rules. 

So, we’re faced with the knowledge now that our government didn’t protect us.  They were only competent at catching the guy as he made his escape.  Barely.

It’s time for Nappy to go.  Our country deserves better protection.  We deserve to know that we’re as safe as we were before PresO’s cronies took over.  Maybe we need a czar of terror.  Maybe not.


One Response to “The Failures of Napolitano – Do you feel safe? Well do you, punk?”

  1. britsarmymom

    Mike, Forgive me if I’ve already spouted off about the delicious irony that, in elevating JN, Obama liberated Arizonans and put them under the righteous arm of Jan Brewer. So the whole NATION gets to reap the incompetence of JN. I sure hope as Arizona goes, so goes the nation.
    Was a bit dismayed, however, at Charles Krauthammer’s position of 1: secure border; 2: legalize illegals with fines and conditions. Isn’t that consistent with Sam Meas’ proposal? What’s your take