The Faces Of Real Treason…

Posted November 3rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Every day they trample the OATH they once took to ‘Uphold, Protect, and Defend’ our Constitution. In their quest for power and personal profit,  they commit petty crimes,  larceny,  and even treason on a daily basis.

Now, frustrated and filled with hatred, – they are engineering a coup.

You should be both angry and truly frightened by what is happening inside that Capitol Building in Washington.

232 Democrats Congress Critters and up to 48 Senators (Democrats and RiNOs) are willing to impeach and remove the best and most effective President we’ve had since George Washington – simply because he’s not one of them,  – not a member of their elite Political Class

His “High Crime”…?  Being DIFFERENT!  Being too wealthy to bribe.  Having a drop-dead gorgeous wife.  Having squeaky-clean kids who are all patriots.

And,…asking the President of the Ukraine to see if ~ maybe ~ back in the Obama years,  Joe Biden had really blackmailed the Ukrainians – as he was now bragging about…?

Maybe Slow Joe thought this story would add to his ‘expertise’ in foreign relations…?

To most thinking Americans, Joe’s story sounds a bit like a Mafia don bragging to his buddies.

Then when you understand the BACK STORY – that his wayward son Hunter might have been under investigation,….it begins to make sense.

Why wouldn’t our President (America’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer) ask an allied nation to look into a criminal matter….

Does being a Clinton,  an Obama,  a Kerry,  or a Biden make a person (or a whole family) immune from investigation of criminal matters…?

Democrats in Congress seem to believe exactly that!

What the Dems are ignoring (because they WANT to) – is that 21-year-old TREATY between the US and the Ukraine over Law Enforcement…. Oops!

As President,  Trump was obliged under our Constitution to make that phone call to ask for assistance in looking into a case of a high government official possibly bribing an ally.  (See US Constitution, Article VI, para 2).

TODAY – we are EXACTLY 1 YEAR AWAY from Election Day 2020. These Democrats need to be VOTED OUT of our Congress! 

2 Responses to “The Faces Of Real Treason…”

  1. Varvara

    Nadler hates everyone taller and thinner than he. A few years ago he weighed another 100lbs. Mike you should find a photo of him then. Also, try to find a photo of Nancy without so many wrinkles….

    As for Hunter Biden, he was kicked out of the Navy because of drugs. This after his father got him a good position.

  2. Walter Knight

    Indictments are coming, but I wonder which federal court will be the venue.