The Face Of A Lifetime Liar

Posted January 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Hillary Testi-lyingSecState ‘cries’ as she reads her prepared statement on Benghazi.

Before the Senate – claims she ‘never saw’ the Stevens requests for more security…

Can you say ‘Hypocrite‘?

Says ‘We’ve got to have a better strategy’.  Did she clear that with Obama?

‘I wasn’t involved in the talking points process.’   More later…

‘We didn’t have a clear picture until days later…’

Senator McCain calls her a liar – she turns it into a request for more funding.

When asked by Senator Ron Johnson about official statements calling the attack the results of a protest vs a terrorist attack Hillary rants: “What difference, at this point, does it make?” [Translation:  I’m running for President in 2016 – just forgetaboutit!]

Democrats in the committee are fawning over her as if she’s already been elected in 2016.

Senator Rand Paul HAMMERS her:Nobody’s been fired…had I been President – I would have relieved you!  It’s a failure of leadership!  Were we involved with transferring weapons to Turkey?

NOTE Hillary’s body language during Rand’s statement.

Hillary blames slow response to the attack on fact that Benghazi was designated as a ‘temporary station’.

All the Senate Dems took time to still blame Bush for ‘No WMDs in Iraq’.

Before the House– – – 2:oo PM  – – –
now before the House

Claims that the multitude of attacks on other embassies on 9/11 distracted her from Benghazi.

Remember this when she runs in 2016 – and claims she can handle many tasks!

Chairman Ed Royce asks why – despite increased threat – senior StateDept officials WITHDREW security teams?  Hillary evades….

Ranking Dem Rep Engle asks what Congress can do.  Answer:  $$$
Give us more $$$

Rep Chris Smith:  ‘Disturbing parallels to 1998…were you in any way at fault?’  More evasion…

Rep Rohrabacher asks her exactly what she told Obama – she wouldn’t give a direct answer.

The Dems are giving her a total pass and high praise…a total lovefest.  They are ‘so grateful’ for her work on women’s and girl’s right….

Rep Joe Wilson asks ‘What was going on in the StateDept OpsCenter?’  She deflects…

She reiterates – she never saw security cables prior to the massacre… ‘We get a million cables a year…”

3:45 PM  I have never seen a more practiced liar.  She is turning each and every charge against her culpability into an attack on Republicans – claiming it is the fault of Republican congresses cutting funding.

She is a far smoother liar than her husband Bill ever was…

These gutless treasonous Democrats are simply stoking her 2016 campaign.

Rep Tom Marino asks her if she even knew about the al Qaeda flag.
Rep Marino challenges
Rep Jeff Duncan tore into her – calls her guilty of “Gross negligence!”  That got her hackles up!

JPK IIIRep Kinzinger [an AF pilot] also rips into her official narrative of the attack timeline, mocks the Obama administration for ‘leading from behind’. 

By contrast – Mass Rep JPK III debuts with a softball.

This was beyond painful to watch!

The bottom line from her full day before the Senate and the House – she will NEVER accept responsibility for ANY Benghazi decision – not before – not during – and not after…

It’s all the fault of George Bush [somehow?] and the Republicans in Congress for withholding funds for security.   And yes, she’re running in 2016!  Hell, she’s running NOW! 

2 Responses to “The Face Of A Lifetime Liar”

  1. Tom

    Not only the face of a serial liar, but auditioning for 2016 and a bobble head doll.

  2. Sam Adams

    This is all that came out of Republicans??????
    Spineless jellyfish!!!