The Face Of A Bully

Posted May 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Yes, we’ve all felt in recent years that the IRS was out of control.  Sure, some of it is because they have to enforce convoluted laws written by Congress – tax cheat Charlie Rangel to be specific.
Bully Sarah Ingram
But some of it is because many IRS agents have come to live in a semi-isolated world of their own – apart from the rest of America. That isolation produced the willing tax bully Sarah Hall Ingram. Seems she felt it was her ‘duty’ to intimidate, bully, and thwart Conservative, Christian and anti-Obama groups. Anybody think it was just her?

Yesterday we learn that her time punishing conservatives earned her a $103 K bonus, and a promotion to head the ObamaCare section of the IRS. What could possibly go wrong?

3 Responses to “The Face Of A Bully”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Sounds like D.C. is doing what they’ve been doing in our statehouse for years.

  2. Tom

    Why was confidential tax information shared with a left wing organization, ProPublica, a clear violation of the law and was a data base established?
    We will never receive a straight answer from Mr. Miller who also receive his information from the newspapers.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Sarah Hall Ingram and her criminal ilk — low enough to blow buffalo on nickels.